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People using Psychedelics for Treatment and Healing


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This is an interesting article..


People using Ayauasca / DMT for treatment of various physical and mental ailments..




I wonder if it could ever be used to treat hppd...?


Now I’m sure many will think that’s totally out of the question, and likely it is.


Anyhow, i have e mailed one of the facilitators located in the Amazon about her view of hppd from a Shamanic perspective.. and have asked her for her opinion about what type of affect using Ayauasca may have on a persons hppd .. Purely out of interest..


I have used DMT post hppd... it was not in a traditional setting... likley a silly thing to do ( i was not aware what it actially was, curcumstances etc etc had alot to do with it )   and i would NEVER recomend it to aneyone on here.



then there is this one here.. people should really be more careful and educated



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don't give up on the post too quickly... Things are slow around here, probably due to it being summer, but it is an interesting topic and one that has come up a few times.


it is something I have pondered upon a few times. Maybe in a very spiritual setting, some kind of acceptance and healing could be gained. I don't think it would ever cure hppd, and could make things far worse.... But, perhaps for those of us that seem to have hit our hppd limit, it is possible that it could actually have some beneficial power.


if you want me to still delete this topic, please pm me.

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ok sure.. thanks Jay..


I  felt a little bad..  likley because it may be a dangerous thing to do. I thaught it may "upset" some other sufferers on here maybe..

(and i felt a bit bad also that i have done dmt post hppd ) anyhow...


Sure, i do like your views on this.. I agree with what you are saying.


Maybe it might be beneficial when it comes to acceptance and getting a diffrent perspective on (hppd) and life / ones life. From my understanding.. thats partly what "healing" is... "a shift in perspective".


Yes i can imagine in a traditional setting it would be very powerful, with ceremony... it would be way diffrent... from anything taken in a home setting, city or club etc etc. I feel Ayahuasca really is a diffrent kettle of fish from LSD anyhow.  Apparentley in ceremony Ayahuasca is taken medicinaley / as medicine.


Strange... i did get an urge to take off to Ecudor just recentley. likley i just feel like an adventure and a change. Maybe its on the cards, who knows. Ive always been facinated with Traditional healers / "medicine ways" and have undergone study and training in various modalitys...


Ok.. please feel free to leave this one up then..



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I imagine that alot of people who get benefits from this might actually just be getting the benefits of broadening their horizon, travelling, meeting new people and embracing new cultures.


I would actually try that long, long before I tried the plant.


I moved to Portugal when I was about 8 years into my hppd and it was a real benefit. Changing your life can have a real impact and if you are feeling the urge to go on an adventure, just do it.


Please note that although I have thought about the same thing a few times, it would really be a last ditch attempt at some peace of mind. I would be very interested to hear what a shaman has to say though.

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ok cool..


Here is one responce to an e mail i sent :


So sorry for the delayed reply, I was traveling to peru and then wanted to ask the shamans about your question. 
This is a difficult subject and I'm sure difficult for you to have these visual distortions. From the western perspective, there isn't enough research or understanding of HPPD to know if taking another hallucinogen would be able to help and there certainly is a possibility of the situation worsening which is a concern.
I work with shipibo shamans here in the jungle in Pucallpa, Peru. From their perspective, they say they would like to work with you on this. They say that this is an issue of energy being trapped in the head. That there are certain plants and kinds of massage and herbal vapor baths that they can use in addition to ayahuasca to help release that energy. They say they find that some people come to them with this kind of thing who have been in cold climates and who's bodies aren't designed for the cold and that has a way of contracting the energy system and locking energy in the body when they do hallucinogens. They work a lot with the idea of heat and cold much like you see in chinese medicine. They also have found that some people who have had this kind of issue had a head or neck injury at some point in life, even in childhood which also contributes to the blocks in flow of energy to and from the head. I don't know if any of these things apply to you and while they are very good, I can't say that what they will do will work or if your condition could worsen. I do think that your idea that working with these plants can help come to terms with it is also a good goal to have. There is also the option of working with them using the other plants (which are not hallucinogenic) without taking ayahuasca. You would still come to ceremonies and they would work on you throughout the experience. 
I also want to let you know that if it does feel good for you to come, that I would be there to support you in the process and work with them to do our best to find a solution. 
Have you done ayahuasca before? How long have you been experiencing these visual distortions?
Let me know your thoughts.
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Its quite facinating man..


I have had a bad head injury..


when i was like 14 i fell from a top story bed and landed on my head on concrete. It nocked me out and i woke up in a pool of blood.


Hmm i like her explination. it was kind of her to ask the shamans. that is very cool.


I will reply to her email.

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I've smoked DMT three times post HPPD. No discernable effects on my condition. Nothing seems to make it any worse or better for me these days. Long periods of sobriety, or long weekends of getting fucked up. I dont think DMT is a cure for anything. It is quite an interesting thing, though.

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ok wow.. sure, well thats good to know. A docter i have seen asked me to maintain complete sobriety, no drugs or alchol.. its been nearlytwo years. Its quite boring..  Anyhow... agreed i dont think dmt is a cure for anything eithre..


I would be reluctant to take Auascha .. i think id just like the plants of the forest first like Jay said...

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