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Hi all,

I do a considerable amount of medical research which is common for someone in having both a chronic and debilitating condition. To that end I scour the internet for breakthrough technologies that may provide a cure for hppd.

It is my firm belief that the follow sciences or a combination thereof will have a direct effect on hppd:


Gene Therapy

Stem Cell therapy

Tissue Engineering

The problem we have is that very few in the scientific community are aware of this disorder which does us all a huge disservice if we are to potentially see a functional cure within our lifetime. What I'm asking from you is help in writing a form letter to send to these companies and have them take notice of our condition in so far as their product pipeline may help. I cannot connect the dots as well as many of you can when it comes to articulating hppd. Whether it's the GABA receptors which affected the glutamate system which has affected the dopamine system in the dentate gyrus of my medulla oblongatta, I simply just need a hand in drafting it.

Will you help?

Let's make this a group project and track our progress on this thread.


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hey there..


it sounds very good. I would really like to help draft it, although i dont have enough understanding about the origns of hppd yet.


I hope its not the medulaoblongata lol... I know thats a very critical and special part of the brain.


Sounds awesome... it would be great to get it happening soon.

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In the past I've sent out several hundred emails to researchers but only a handful responded. The letter was a general outreach, awareness builder more than anything else. What I'm suggesting now is a bit more direct to the board of directors to cutting edge companies sent via certified letter, fedex, etc. I want something in the hands of people that can potentially help and if applicable include us in clinical trials.

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ok great.. its an awesome idea..

I wish i was more clued up so i could help formulate it..

Im sure there are may folks who would be very articulate and help get it done. Everyone should just pitch in a little, im sure it would not take so much work.

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