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electro shock therapy

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I do tDCS.



I have heard alot of very good reports of it helping depression. I have been trying to use it for anxiety, but with no success, but I did start using the well known placements for concentration and learning and it works, it really works.


I use it now to learn really advanced bass guitar techniques and I learn it all so quickly.

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Just try CES, it's cheape, safer, can be done at home, more versatile, and it works. I've posted studies about it before, in which it caused severely psychotic, violent inpatients drastic (positive) changes in their behavior, some of which were discharged, and many of which no longer needed to be tranquilized and needed reductions in anti-psychotics. I've started it up again. One of the only things I've found effective, and I'm using a very old model (made like 10 years ago); there are new ones with more effective wave-forms, along with some choice in the brain frequencies you want to produce. The one I have only allows me to do 0.5-1.0hz or 100hz; I'm looking into others that allow (in addition to the previous two frequencies) the Schumann Resonance, sensory motor rhythm, alpha, and theta frequencies. I also recently found out about The Walsh Institute and some others, which does some amazing nutrient therapies and their focus is on people with severe psychiatric problems; they even do studies on death row inmates with extremely violent histories, and get them to change. They want to cause a new era of psychiatry based off of extensions of the work of old orthomolecular psychiatrists such as Dr. Pfieffer, and cause a drastic reduction in school shootings and murders and the like via getting peoples neuro-chemistry balanced. I'll post about this in depth elsewhere. 

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