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Binaural Beats, Meditation and Re-Wireing ones own Brain


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In an attempt to "heal"  "trancend" grow as a person and free myself from some of the effects of having hppd...


I have invested in a program called "Holosync" meditation that was put together by a company called "CenterPointe Reaserch"   www.centerpointe.com 

If you go the whe web adress above you can have a free demo listening to the sound tracks that help take a preson into a meditational state.


Anhow there is alot if intresting reaserch on the effects of meditation and the brain - This particular program has been found to be succesful treating people (war vetrans) with PTSD which i found facinating, as well as having numerous other benefits.


I have noticed alot of changes withing myself. Instead of getting "stressed" at times.. i feel alot more relaxed, which in turn hepls hppd.

As well as this, it is helpful for increasing a persons "awarness" so instead of being so "caught up" in it (hppd) at times i can almost "view it" without becomeing so identified with it (hppd). Dont get me wrong, i still have hppd... tho i have noticed numerous changes in my behaviour, functioning, well being and likley managing hppd it in a diffrent way / response.


The program teaches alot about a persons "threshold" of what they can handle in any given situation. When a person is over there threshold it usually results in "disfuncitonal" behaviours etc Holoysync meditation technology provides a stimulus directly to the brain to raise a persons threshold, so they no longer respond to percieved disturbances in the same way... and therefore handle it better. (induces relaxation response, instead of fight or flight response)


It also leads to what they call "whole brain thinking or functioning" where the left and right hemasphires of the brain are aligned / synchronized.


So basicly there company is on the fore-front of reaserch with "neuro-technoligys" as they relate to the brain through meditation.

Holosync facilitates brain wave states, Alpha, Theta and then deeper Delta etc So this Audio technology pushes the brain to change and to re-orginize at a higher level.


Im on my 4th month.. It is pretty cool, my main intent in starting it was to see if it could help with hppd. I practice it along with my own meditational / spiritual practice each morning.


Feel free to check out an article below : It goes deeper into what im doing my best to explain here-




Neuro Placisticity is a facinating area and subject,  reaserchers are making new descoverys all the time.


Keep on keeping on


Cheers B

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Binarual beats sounds really interesting and I definitely think there is some potential for "rewiring" the good ol´ brain through proper use. However, your post reminded me of what someone posted earlier, might be of interest to you http://hppdonline.com/index.php?/topic/3624-binaural-beats-help/ . Not trying to be a downer, but just thought it´d be noteworthy 

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Thanks for that, LaissezFaire. Yes, my experience last year with this 1/2 hour binaural beats session last year  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JchKezfJcCw gave me a second full-blown trip, bad, just like the one (and only) which gave me HPPD in the first place. Hadn't touched weed or alcohol for months. No meds either. It took my baseline from a level I was learning to live with, to something much worse, including (new one) double vision, with still no improvement all these months later. I tried to contact the 'MP3 Meditation Club' several times, to find out exactly which wavelengths they'd posted. I explained how important it was. I thought at the time I may be able to reverse the damage somehow with alternative b.b.s. But they just brushed off all responsibility onto their'affiliates' and claimed to have no such video posted. I feel f….. over.


Spartan, I've read lots about the benefits of meditation. I just find it really hard to find stillness with all these CEVs, tinnitus etc. It seems pretty clear that most of us have anxiety issues which worsen our symptoms. I believe too, from what I've read, that we can help to rewire our own brains. Centering ourselves is one thing, but using an external source to boost that process just gives me the creeps now. I'm really glad that Holosync is helping you. But I'd advise anyone to approach binaural beats with extreme caution.


P. S. If anyone knows a way of identifying which wavelengths on that Youtube post, I would love to know.

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Ok how interesting.


Stormbel : I’m sorry to hear that it made you feel as though you were tripping out (re-experiencing tripping) or that it seemed to have made your baseline worse with a new symptom, i don’t understand why that would be and I’m sorry to hear that.


From my understanding it can be "challenging" jumping straight into a very low carrier frequency.

I too have had some upheaval from time to time, though its something that ive persisted with and its all good now.


Using Binaural Beats is similar to working out - Meaning:


If you start with a heavy weight, your system WONT be ready for it and it WILL make you spiny and bring up everything unlike itself.

There is usually a period of Chaos that takes place – although this is generally followed by reorganization at a new and higher level.


This Type of thing will bring up any supressed materials stored in the sub-conscious mind so it can be cleared and released.

The difference with the Holosync Program is that it starts with gentle carrier frequencies, waits for your brain to make the necessary changes and then you can graduate to a deeper level if you so choose. If i went to an advanced or deeper carrier frequency straight away my brain would not have built up the "tolerance" to handle and it would most definitely freak me out.


For example: when you’re approaching “rougher seas” it’s a signal that it’s pushing against the individual’s threshold in the process of pulling the higher. Experiencing tempory symptoms “overwhelm” is a sign that the old system, old ways of being is at its threshold and is going into chaos. Because people identify with the old system, they resist its break down and subsequent re organization at a higher level. Because of this resistance they feel uncomftorble. A person may well experience upheaval from time to time. It’s part of the process of change.


It may also create “catharsis” meaning: upheaval, intensification and release of familiar or habitual mental, emotional and physical patterns of operating from the unconscious parts of the mind. The end result is a new way of experiencing and seeing “what is” and the re-organization of the brain at a new more evolved level.


Holosync is a very sophisticated program – It comes with many manuals, support materials and telephone coaching, counselling and support. I would not compare it with one video you found on tube (no offence).


 I have a feeling this is an area that we don’t know so much about. For me, i think it’s important that "we" (myself and anyone else who’s interested) take the time to research, understand and investigate it fully before coming to any conclusions.


That’s one of the reasons why I have taken time and initiative to immerse myself deeply in the program and learn as much as i can about it, as well as through my first-hand experience.


"Creepy" I feel we are making changes to your brain every moment from an external stimulus anyhow “It’s called life” whether we like it or not. It’s just up to me, to do it with enough awareness so i can change and grow in the direction i choose.


In fact, this type of thing. State specific knowledge and experience has been going on for 100,000s of years. Look at traditional shamanism, using a drum, rattle to enter a state at will. Chanting in yogic, tantric,mystic, eastern traditions,meditation etc. just to name a few.


When a person is desperate for treatment of a chronic condition they go to drastic, unconventional methods. Do you think I want to listen for hours on end? No I don’t, tho obviously there is a need.


For me its definatley not the "be all and end all"in regards to meditation, its just a tool. Although because it has such a direct impact on the brain and in creating new nural pathways and connections, for me its an area of intrest thats worthy of investigation (especially in intrest of hppd)


There are “tools” you can use to access “life giving” resources "states" and the various benefits that come from those states.

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Hey, Spartan, this is so different from my shit experience with a youtube video.


I'm looking into Holosync now. I couldn't download the pdf. as I don't have a credit card, which is a condition of subscription, but I think this is a good direction. If it's a directed and gentle approach, it could help. I'll just buy the book for now.


Recently ploughed through The Brain that Changes Itself, by Norman Doidge, which is also all about neuroplasticity. I find reading a real strain as I have double vision since the binaural beats.


Just the words 'binaural beats' still give me the jitters though: panic reaction, same as if someone offered you an LSD tab, I suppose.

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Hey Stormbell,, thats awesome , im so pleased to hear !  and im very sori to hear you had a shit experience to begin with.. i should get them to take that down..


With the PDF  .. i think you may be able to down load it without a credit card. Where it says "please install the file downloader" to down load this pdf.. maybe click on that one..


Ok thats very good and exiting!

I would mail you the first section of CDs called "awakening proloug" tho if you do decide to do it, maybe it would be best for you to have acess to all the telephone support and support emails etc etc.


wow.. well done, that is a massive book and facinating. I have been reading it also. Although i have been listening to the book on www.audible.com 

its cool you can just listen to books instead of reading... helps with hppd..


That is so not good that you still have double vision..im very sori to hear that.. it freaks me out a little too just to hear that also.


Tho i can honestly say when i first started Holosync, i felt like a new person and was feeling very happy.

With all honestey, Instinctivley i could just feel that it was just doing something very good for me and that it was what i needed.


I felt reallly good in my body and hppd was not bothering me as much. It was like i could just view it (hppd) with a diffrent perspective which i found liberating. Situations that woud usually stress me, did not stress me any more and i was handeling life diffrently with a diffrent responses / reactions etc etc the journey continues...


One of the things that attracted me is : partly this... see number 5)  http://www.wikihow.com/Deal-With-HPPD


Well it is meditation and this technology works directly with nural pathways / creating new ones etc

Tho i also think its important that the person meditating does alot of "whe work" meaning learning various tequnices and to then intergrate them into a persons life / or the most beneficial tequnices, people usually meditate for diffrent reasons and there are many styles.


Something i found that was kind of intresting was this




They mainly use affermations, breathing, goal setting for nural re-conditioning... its a bit "new-agey" which i dont like... tho some of it is good, he is a so called "brain-expert" in the area of nural reconditioning /  working with nural re-conditioning etc and like the wikediedia article says, anything that is exersizing your brain will help it to "heal".


This could be reading , meditation , exersize.. any number of diffrent activitys.


I really do hope your vision subdues back to its baseline very very soon..


Will always be here to chat and share


Best regards

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Hi Spartan, I didn't want to post this twice, but I thought it might interest you.


Ok. I finally got this analysed . I was quoted approx. 350 EUR by several sound studios, but negotiated it down to 130EUR. This still seems outrageous for a 5-second sample, but it was worth it to me.


What I listened to were Delta wavelengths. You were right, brake. From what I understand, from info just grabbed at random from the internet, these are very difficult to achieve in a waking state.


This doesn't make it easier to accept that some a…hole, without warning, posted this on Youtube,''for  PTSD. Enjoy the beats'' causing me 9 months of hell and having to give up school. But it does explain what f…d me over, in a scientific way. I am hoping that as my symptoms weren't worsened directly by a chemical, that somehow I'll be able to improve them with meditation or possibly 'Lifeflow', which seems a gentler (and cheaper) alternative to Holosync. You don't have to use headphones either . I still feel very anxious about using any form of brainwave entrainment, though.


''The exact values between Left & Right channels are as follows:
LEFT-262.535679956654 Hz (mean pitch in SELECTION)
RIGHT-262.13307192206594 Hz (mean pitch in SELECTION)
This translates to 0.4Hz (the above values are extremely accurate) which brings the brainwave to “DELTA” state which is defined from 0.5Hz-4Hz.'


Delta waves are: ''associated with deep dreamless sleep. Consistently observed in deep sleep. The deeper the sleep, the higher is the amount of delta waves.

Important points about Delta Waves :

(1) Meditative states associated with the increased presence of delta waves seem to occur mostly in very experienced practitioners, possibly because entering a delta state and maintaining consciousness at the same time is tremendously difficult.

(2) Also related wit the state of Samadhi, the deepest state in meditation as appeared in ancient Indian Yoga text.''

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ok how intresting... well done for getting it anlysed..


Like i said earlier..


I agree its WRONG to go straight into a deep delta immeditley..


You need to slowly "dive"... build up the tolerance gradually over time etc.


If you do decide to do this type of thing, maybe it would be beneficial for you to do it in conjunction with a therapist. Centerpointe may recomend this for people who have been through significant "trauma" in there life.


 Possibly it would be good for you to send an e mail to Holosync support about your cenario, im sure they would be able to give you an accurate explination of the possible reasons why this has occured and good course of action to resolve it. They are very experienced with this type of thing.


Maybe you could say to them, your intrested in the program, although you have had this experience.. can you please account for the reasons why this may have happend etc etc and what may be the best course of action in your opinion to resolve it.

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That is likley a good idea.


Possibly.. u could say something like... im thinking of making the investment in the program, although i have hppd and i have had this experience.......


why would this be so....? what are the likley reasons.......?  how can i resolve this.........?


You my be able to set up a telephone call with there support center.


If you have had this "adverse reaction" then maybe its not the best thing for you ( although this was with a very unhelpful u tube video) 

maybe there program may be helpful.. In any case, it would be good to hear there explintion of the reasons as to why this has occured...

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ok stormbell..


It has occurred to me... I remember reading "..

things that make hppd worse are any stressors to the CNS.. Usually in the form of drugs or stress etc etc etc.


this Neural entrainment may very well "stress" the CNS.. it is a stimulus... Tho it has the effect of raising a persons "threshold."

In that process, it WILL bring up and supressed "baggage" "stuff" to be looked at / processed and released so a person can finally be free from it and live a more fulfilled life.


I must say.. this process has been bringing up ALOT of stuff for me to LOOK at and PROCESS. All my conditioning, irrational beliefs, hurts, traumas, memories in an attempt to clear it all out. Sometimes my HPPD does seem heightened, tho i refuse to believe that accessing life giving states will make my HPPD worse.  Things possibly will be stirred up before they get better. It’s usually darkest before dawn. Tho i have to move into and through whatever is presented.


If this (Holosync) does anything. It makes you MORE AWARE. It could possibly make u more aware of your hppd too. Although there are many other benefits that come with being more aware in life. it gives you more choice. I suppose i just have to weigh up the pros and cons.  Anyhow, im determined to move through and stimulate my brain in a "life giving" way that can facilitate healing and growth and force me to change and grow as a person.


I hope I’m making sense..?


It does take courage for me to do this.


Sometimes i have been in tears and crying and im not sure what’s happening..likley this is "carthasis" sadness or deep hurt being released from my body. Tho I have to realize what’s on the way up in on the way out.


This has to do with my own personal story and all the shit and abuse / pain I have experienced. Tho sometimes this is what it takes to “heal” ...what I supress will “finish me”, what I release will “save me” ..Crisis = Opportunity. Whats on the way up is on the way out.


Also...the reason I feel holosync is more expensive is because it uses something called “virtual audio” which is the world most advanced sound technology.. As well as something called “auto fonix” where you can record affirmations’ that are added silently to the tracks to work even more deeply at a sub conscious level.


As well as all the freebies and coaching / support etc.


Anhow these are my own personal experiences. Usually at the end of feeling bad i feel even better than i did pror and im the functioning at a new and "higher" level.


I will call there support line on monday and ask them some additional qestions also.

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Hi there, Spartan,


Thanks for your considered thoughts.


Yes, stress and lack of sleep and non-stop mental 'Samsara'.


I have heard a lot about reversing irrational beliefs and hurt patterns and even cellular memories, (Alex Lloyd.) Many people suffer indefinable sadness without being able to put their finger on why, precisely, they are sad. I think most HPPDers can have little sympathy here.


Some, though, have a lifetime of concrete abuse behind them, clearly you too. When we get hit by the wave, struggle back up, bravely set our hopes to the future, get struck down again and instead of each struggle to stand up getting easier, it gets harder and the waves get higher, then the HPPD wave comes, no wonder we at some point start expecting the worst, like a state of constant hyper-alert. This is no indefinable sadness or irrational belief.


To my HPPD-depleted brain, quantum physics and the esoteric are indistinguishable. It all just boils down to energies. If somehow we're drawing bad energies, then it seems reasonable that meditation or brainwave entrainment can help reverse these energies / chain reaction of bad luck / (curse?). Even if it's just a placebo, you have to BELIEVE it's going to help, don't you?


I've tried meditation but the visuals are just too distracting. Maybe Holosync and Lifeflow are like a support system, tried and tested by others, to help us to focus. If so many people find them helpful, I'd be willing to stir up my symptoms temporarily to come out better for it. I now know to avoid the Delta waves! Call it 'catharsis'. Call it 'exorcism' if you will. This is kind of wacky. I'm rambling.

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Thank you also stormbell..


Im not really 100% sure now... as i have been feeling kind of spinney as of late.


Maybe bi-nurals can "stir-things up" hppd wise...


Im going to call the support line tommorrow, explain the situation.. and ask them what there take is on it is.


Take care...

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i just spoke with them..


they said.. yes.. it is a stimulous to the CNS..


It will bring up.. certain things.. tho in the process raise your threshold..


Likley will come thru much more posative etc etc etc


Im going to keep on keeping on



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