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HPPD 15 months, only OTC drug use


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Hi everyone,


I'm 38 and have had what seems like HPPD for 15 months. It started when I was taking Zantac and was extremely anxious about stomach pain I was going through. The HPPD has persisted through 7 months of taking Ativan and 6 months of Paxil. I've been off the Ativan for 7 months and off the Paxil for 3 months.


I've never used drugs, other than OTC or prescription stuff. Ativan (and to a lesser extent, Paxil) gave me horrible side-effects and horrible withdrawal syndromes. Over the course of the past 15 months, my vision problems have remained more or less the same. My main symptoms are:


  • Shimmering, moving text

  • Visual snow, worse in dim light

  • Constant movement in peripheral vision

  • Constant movement of straight lines,  viewing groups of parallel lines very uncomfortable

  • Symptoms worse in fluorescent lighting

  • Floaters


Sound like anyone else? Given how long this has been going on, I'm pretty much giving up on getting better and think acceptance is the only option. Thanks.

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