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Hey im Back


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Hi everyone,


Unfortunatley i was not able to get on this site for quite some time.

I am a long term HPPD sufferer, some may remember me as "Benza".


Anyhow, just checking in. I do hope people are doing good and that there is progress being made in "reaserch" and or "treatment".


I have renenlty come off all meds "Clonazapam" actually for around 6 months now and mainly just focusing on healthy / clean lifestyle as well as meditation etc etc


It would be so awesome if we could find some type of "break through" to assist in diminishing HPPD.  I know i have been living with it for around 20 + years now or more. That a very long time for aneyone to have to edure such a thing. Sometimes its ok.. other times it can be greatly exaserbated and im still "challenged" greatly with it.


Im doing my best to try and understand the impact it has had on my life and will never give up.


HPPd has forced me to work on myself in ways in wich i feel many "ordinary" people would not encounter.


Tho at the end of the day, id do anything for some treatment. It is quite isolating as it is so rare.


I think it would be good to possibly share my story via video / u tube...


Anyhow.. I do hope friends / hppd brothers / sisters are all doing well


Stay strong and keep on keeping on.



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I got hppd thru tripping on LSD. I satarted way too young thru the influence of my older brother.

I have all the visual symptons still there as well as anxiety / depression. The visual phonomena is likley "lessend" when im more engaged in life / out on active and in a possative state and things are going well.

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Hey Jay,


Thanks very much!


Yes that must have been the old "storm loader" site, i remember you too.


Thanks... Actually, this time around with Clonazepam wasn’t so bad because i tapered down really slow.. to a quarter of a tab on alternate days for a few weeks.

Withdrawals in the past have been horrible tho ( Auditory hallucinations freak me beyond belief ) one of the withdrawal symptoms lol


How have you been?   Is there any new news going on in regards to HPPD -  HPPD world that anyone is aware of ?


Best Regards



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