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Maybe pointless post?

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Good find! For what it´s worth my dreams pre- and post-hppd are very different. As of now I´m having vivid and complex, but somewhat more coherent dreams almost every night, often directly linked to whatever´s been going on in my life lately. I know thats not too uncommon for people in general to experience, but I´d say HPPD changed the way I dream (maybe the only good thing that ever came out of this mess).

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Well, that just seems to confirm what I've always thought about those types of drugs in relation to my own experiences with them. I can't say if my dreams weren't just as vivid before HPPD but the frequency had definitely increased hence why I do what I do.

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I have very strange dreams as my HPPD changes.  A lot of the time I'm just confused in them and they make no sense. I had one last night that could have been an award winning science fiction novel



Then why not write it? If your brain gives you a gem don't ignore it.

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