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2 year anniversary

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Tomorrow marks 2 years that I have suffered from hppd and DP/DR.

Anniversary's are normally an occasion to be celebrated ..... Not in this case

Taking a positive from this is that it also marks 2 years of total sobriety from drugs and alcohol.

(To be totally honest i miss partying a lot and could murder a cold beer)

Sacrifice for the greater good i guess.

Hope is all we have

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Thanks man. I didn´t realize what the hell was going on for the first year so I continued puffin on the herb and drinking. After a flareup I kinda knew something was way off and found out about this stuff, went stone cold sober for maybe a little over six months or so. Haven´t touched weed ever since, nor do I plan on doing so. I´ve gotten back to drinking now as I can handle the hangovers and the symptoms have stayed pretty much the same for a while now. But it´s most likely not the best of ideas if I ever wish to cure myself, so I´ve decided to kick the habit once I start my Keppra and/or Lamictal trial which should be happening pretty soon. I gotta say I admire your will to stay sober, though. You´re doing the right thing :)

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