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When did your HPPD visuals appear?? Before or after Anxiety?? Excellent Question

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After doing a lot of research on HPPD and induced anxiety disorders I have come up with a question and I would like to pick everyone's brain. 


1)Did your HPPD visuals occur and then you experienced anxiety from the visuals or down the line? 


2)Did you have lasting anxiety and then visuals appear 2-5 weeks down the line?


The reason I am asking this is because I think scenario one is truly HPPD while scenario 2 may have some induced-anxiety-ptsd- disorder that fuels the visuals.


I mean of course no doubt full HPPD can cause a whole host and array of symptoms but what about people that do not have it full blown who only have may have 1-2 visual anomalies.


Reason I am asking is because I asked 30-40 people about my condition and what they thought and 20% told me I had hppd the other 80% said it was linked to anxiety. So I researched anxiety and sure enough a lot of visual symptoms do occur there as well. 


I understand HPPD when you wake up and you see tracers and visuals and it gives you anxiety etc but what about if you just had an onset of panic and then 1-2 months later started to have more grainy vision. 


I do NOT mean to be disrespectful to anyone but I was wondering about peoples ONSET to this disorder but would love to get our opinion. 


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i did shrooms had a HORRIBLE trip like the scariest thing of my life maybe totally insane, could BARELY hold a glass of water... zoned in and out of reality pacing for 5 hours till my legs were too sore to walk ... ..yes...there was anxiety lol


then a few days later smoked weed and it "magically" appeared... no anxiety on the weed. well i had like some type of psychosis or something on the shrooms and then the HPPD  "appeared" .. 

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I noticed vibrating textures for a few days before I experienced any major anxiety.


Starting two weeks and one day after I took acid.


Day 1: "Shit, I'm really drunk and high and the carpet is vibrating wtf, maybe this is that HPPD stuff I've heard about. Ahh whatever it I'm just fucked up right now"


Day 2: "Damn the carpet is still doing that thing and I'm completely sober, this isn't good, maybe I'll lay off weed for a while"


Day 3: "Sure I'll smoke this weed with you, wow I'm high and I feel fine, I guess I don't actually have HPPD"


Day 4: "The room is vibrating and I feel like it's collapsing in on me, something isn't right"


Day 5 and onward: "Symptoms come, go, change but nonetheless persist, I have to deal with it now"


I haven't had any full blown anxiety episodes since that first week but I'm very conscious of my condition probably 3/4 of my waking hours.

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