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So what is really behind 2nd hand-smoke affection on HPPD from weed?


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Since this is the only thing that makes me crippled in my daily life, i wonder what is really the issue. I do believe that being in closed environments can affect some people. Like drinkning a cup of coffe makes me feel like i am on a weird CS-high for hours, just a small amount of active compounds, not even reaching the threshold for servering it on a urine test, can cause some effects of feeling high.

That happened to me at a club in Tel Aviv where everyone was litting up in a club that was supposed to be smoke free. It also happened to me in freetown in copenhagen.

However, just smelling it makes me and others om this board worse for atleast a month. I do not believe that this has to do with the brain receiving active compounds enough to cause a reaction. I could be wrong here.

But what is causing that reaction? Anxiety? Could be so because past experiences. I remember the first time i smoked weed post HPPD and didn't get a high from it but still got very anxious.

Another thing could be that the brain send a signal that weed is available, sorta like pavlovs dogs, causing the brain to focus on just that.

What it might be i do not know but i would gladly get rid of this issue. I have been thinking about the cannabis insence thing that Jay recommended. Just gotta make sure there is no CBD or other thing in that stuff. Smell it til you overcome the fear.

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Well it is always good to consider emotions.  And training emotional response is good for many things such as anxiety.


But don't forget that for some with HPPD, they are one a hair trigger ... a very sensitive balance.  A see-saw is one thing ... it takes a fair amount of force and weight differance to change things.  But a gram-scale will tilt on just 1 gram.




You personally are very sensitive.  It shows up it a lot of things you've spoken about.  That doesn't mean you are a hypochondriac.  But it does mean that you would benefit in finding ways to become less sensitive - and I don't mean taking small doses to condition response.


BTW, you are refering to weed smoke, not cigarette?

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Just had to make sure. Perhaps you were talking about a smoking-hot-babe which would account for a hormonal reaction that could last days ...

Haha, i wish :) The last smoking hot babe i just lost attention from due to trying the being-a-douche. Well, got what i deserved

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Hell, I don't even have to smell it and I can get a reaction. Just thinking about the same things I've thought about while high can all of a sudden make me feel almost as high for that moment. It's come in handy and showed me that you don't always need some around to enjoy the benefits. 


Smelling it though makes me just crave it even more much like if I smell a cupcake.


I cannot tell you how 2nd hand smoke affects me because it's always been first hand for me.

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