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Very interesting read: maths and hallucinations


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Great article!


The description of hypercolumns interacting when "mechanisms become unstable" is analogous to epilepsy though significantly milder.  So OEVs and CEVs are part of the physical structure of the brain..


Its a great article ... and shows how 'natural' geometric hallucinations are.  It also mentions the complex interaction of V1 with 'higher order' visual processing areas - tiny problems with communication between these cause symptoms that we have.  These instabilities and efforts of the brain to compensate lead to hyperactivity in the brain --- the stuff that shows in qEEGs.  Also, hyperactivity can contribute to 'cognitive exhaustion' that many experience.


Due to peculiarities of my symptoms, can't help but think that some of my problems stem from signals from the retina.


I do not have CEVs but did when a child, and used to 'play' with them both with imagination and mild pressure on the eyeballs.  By 30 years of age, these 'companions' were gone.


However, I can get CEVs from Keppra.




The importance and effects of edge detection and shading are keys to visual perception.


Watch perception build:





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