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SOP(Supportive outpatient program) The therapist surprised me

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Hey all,

Well I have court orders to take this program called SOP and today I had to meet with a therapist and discuss my drug use. This was the first time I have been for the most part, honest. So we are talking and he is the first person that I have really told I have dp/dr and what I go through and out of no where he goes, "Have you ever heard of hallucinogen persisting...)" and I cut him off with a "HPPD?" lol. He says yes and we get to talking and I ask him how does he know about HPPD and he tells me he actually has diagnosed someone with it. So I tell him how it was for me(I am for the most part HPPD free now) and how it was cool to have someone to talk to that knows about it because doctors just really blow you off when you talk about it. He himself use to be a drug addict so that made it even better. Sorry to say he don't know of any secret treatment or anything lol he just agreed with me for the most part which is to stay clean and that includes most nootropics and what not.


Anyways just thought I would share this, it just made me feel better knowing there are people out there aware of this.


Thank you,


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