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Go meditate people you will heal from this

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JimmyB do you think meditation is something bad?

All these people on boards like this who are talking about medication and that the only cure is to take rest and use no drugs anymore made me wait with the meditation.

3 years of my life were hell.

I used to think that it was "bad" but recognized that its our stressful environment that is bad. That is why meditation is scary to some, to face yourself.

I look at it in a pure scientific approach.

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Since high states of meditation resembles strong psychedelic effects, and it activates the very same neural pathways, I would say be very careful. Use with caution!

No wonder umit got worsened symptoms..

Meditation might have some calming benefits in moderate doses.

But to claim "people will heal from HPPD, anxiety, DP/DR with meditation" is to wire up peoples hopes for recovery to an unrealistic level, which will do more harm than good.

To promise full healing on anecdotal evidence (yourself only) is to go too far.

Instead, don't promise too much..

Meditation can be beneficial, yes, but not for everyone.

And it's not an universal cure, sorry..

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Meditation and yoga healed most of my derealization and my anxiety is pretty much gone after 2 months hppd an 1 month meditation/yoga. Since dr/dp is from anxiety (I think), that's why meditation works. And it doesn't really help hppd because hppd is physical I think. But yeah living in the moment, you gotta get used to, with all te visual static it's kinda annoying

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im doing my best to rewire my entire brain with Holosync meditation LOL  its been around a year now... meditation for an our a day.. have noticed some remarkable shifts..  Tho its always the choice of every individual for the approach they decide to take and i respect that.

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