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Wasnt sure where to post this


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Okay I'll start off by saying I have only done LSD a total of 3 times. 1 1/2 tabs the first, then 2, then 4. I have also done drugs a better part of my life including Heroin, Rock, Weed, MDMA, pills like Kpins, xanax, percs ETC. Ive never had an issue with any drug nor any addiction. Thats a little background.


Now lets start the night I had the 4 tabs. I was with 3 friends who were all one acid, we tripped about 7 hours and then we all assumed we were coming down. All the visuals started to fade and I started to become alert of time and felt like I was coming down. So after everyone started to feel the come down we decided to smoke a blunt. I started to get really high and out of no where I started to feel the effects of the LSD again. But it was different then the first 7 hours. When I was initially tripping I had a lot of visual effects but I was still aware of my surroundings and could depict a house or stop sign or other objects around me. After I smoked this blunt if I kept my eyes still my entire vision of the room would fade and I would literally only see a vision of spinning geometric shapes. It was an entirely different world. It was a vast emptiness of just spinning geometric shapes. When I would move my eyes around things would go kinda back to normal. I started to panic at the time because I was the only one experiencing this and my first thought was I fried my brain, After about two hours of this horrible trip I feel asleep and woke up fine. Thinking it was just a bad trip due to the drug still being in my body I thought nothing of it afterwards. 


Flash forward about a month and a half later. (Last night) I was smoking a few blunts with some friends we were hotboxing his bathroom and we had a strobe light. I was really high and the strobe hit my eyes and all of a sudden the same type of trip happened again. The whole room faded away and I was in this vast emptiness which I couldnt even see the real world anymore. It only lasted about 30 seconds and then once the visuals stopped I still had vision impairment like when I originally came down form the drug (Where I could see everything but it had that fuzzy look and my body felt uneasy) Needless to say with my anxiety issues already and issue I started to have a panic attack and had to be driven home.


I am very scared because Idk whats going on. Is it a flash back due to the weed or maybe even a seizure due to the strobe?! I don't have any medical history with seizures just anxiety and depression. If you have any idea of whats happening if it is HPPD or anything of that natural I could sure use some advice. I kinda ranted on in this but I just wanted to give a full look into whats going on. PLEASE HELP :('


Also if you could tell me the best steps of actually getting a diagnosis of whats wrong. Go to the hospital? A primary care doc? What are the best steps. 


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First step is stopping all drugs.  Weed a couple nights ago is too soon to know what you are dealing with.  Wash out, stay clean, and see what happens over the next few months.


You'll not be wanting to get full blown HPPD.  Sometimes its a one way trip.


Are you on any medications?

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Guess that depends on how many symptoms one needs to have in order to be "full blown".


Symptoms experienced:


Trails, tracers, breathing walls, 'shimmering' movements, 'zooming' vision

Alteration of depth perception (from flat to super 3D)

Anxiety, depression

Tanked libido, numbness in left fingers, body in constant pain (tolerable)

Fatigue, disorientation/confusion

Afterimages, negative and mild positive

Starburst, auras, night blindness

Fuzzy/blurry vision, colors dull

Tinittis, Insomnia

Photophobia, hypersensitivity to movement in peripheral visual field

Brain 'stuttering' - stuck in thought about words or minor decisions

Difficulty finding things even if they are in front of me

Motion latency problem (mild motion blindness)

Feeling very drunk 24/7 but without any euphoria

DR - as in the feeling that there is a transparent wall between me and the world

Ghosting (mild)

Various autonomic nervous system changes such as unequal pupil size

Mild tremor, akinesia/RLS

Typical negative response to SSRIs and antipsychotics that most HPPDers have


Symptoms not experienced:


DP as in body foreign, unreal, stranger-in-the-mirror, family/friends look foreign, or existential crisis

OEVs, geometrical shapes, CEVs (with small exceptions)

Changes of color, such as seeing purple

Visual snow (with small exceptions)

Morphing or seeing faces

Altered states of reality (only altered states of perception)



Well, that's the start of a list.  Somewhat depressing ... but one learns to live with it.


There is one important disqualifier, never tried recreational drugs.  So its PPD rather than HPPD.

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