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Aerotoxic Syndrome & HPPD


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hey guys,


I recently flew back home from Brazil...and on my last flight I felt a feeling of intoxication like the air didnt feel clean enough and I wasent getting enough air, also I experienced heart palpitations & shaking, and just a general feeling of being unwell.


So fast forward 2 weeks and I still experience some of these symptoms on and off Im really worried it may trigger my hppd to get fuking worse again...bcoz to me my hppd is also a form of chemical brain damage which has made me super sensitive to every single toxin out there.


So my question is has anyone else experienced this whilst having hppd? did you get through it and did it make ur hppd worse?


Im thinking of going to get colon therapy and detox starting from tomorrow to try to clean out toxins...I wonder if that may help for hppd also? seriously tho FUCK THIS SHIT ....do we need to be fuking careful about everything?? im so over this horrific nightmare of a disorder!!!


I hope my hppd doesnt reverse back to what it fuking was

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