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Accupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine Anyone?


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So I'm trying to go the holistic approach... it was either Yoga or Tai Chi. I chose Tai Chi as I'm a martial artist (a bad, undisciplined one) and it appealed to me more.  So I got in contact with a guy who does the internal martial arts and I'm starting training under him.  I'm also considering doing a traditional Chinese medicine appointment to start me out right.


Anyone have any experience with this stuff?

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Good on you for choosing a holistic path.

I have used acupuncture in the past to treat a back injury in which helped a great deal.

Sorry i dont know what else to comment on, however i would recommend you try it as you have nothing to loose and everything to gain ( big picture)

All the best budd

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Haven't tried Tai Chi or Yoga.  However, slow deep breathing is very good for anxiety or depression.


Did acupuncture a number of times.  Two hour sessions with about 150 needles.  It was endurable.  Many points were followed up with moxibution - burning herbs on acupuncture points.  Not too ouchy.


It helped in two ways.  First, a couple days later, vision was clearer/sharper.  But this gradually went back the way it was in a couple weeks.  Have come to realize that this matches histamine response with food and environment.  Typically a detox thing.


The second way was remarkable.  When symptoms started, vision went flat (2D instead of 3D), dull (less color) and fuzzy.  After the 3rd acupuncture treatment, when stepping outside from his office, BANG vision was suddenly 3D again ... only extreme like VuMaster or other stereoscopic devices.  Over the years this has varied but never gone flat.


Both these experiences were before trying any medications for HPPD.


After trying different meds, only those that increase dopamine function improve visuals.  And I can manipulate the above effects with dosage.  For me, dopamine affects histamine response among other things.


Later visits to the acupuncturist has minimal improvements.  So at $200 a pop and 4 hours of travel, I discontinued.


The first visit after starting Sinemet was interesting.  They guy had literally been treating people 58 years (began training at 4 years old, treating at 12).  He dislikes people taking medications because of negative effects to their health.  However he was surprised at the changes in energy flows, 'pulses', etc, and said to keep taking the med.


If you want to try acupuncture, get someone that has been doing it for decades and uses lots of needles.  I've tried local folks who use 8 needles at a time.  It was a waste of money.  Some even brag that good acupuncturist only need a few needles ... that is ignorance, 'folk tales'.


Another 'alternative' thing you can try that detoxes, improves histamine response, etc. is a 15 minute coffee retention enema.  You just need 8 oz of coffee and an enema bag.  You'll read lots of internet stuff about using a quart or 2 at a time.  However there is a technical reason for using only enough to fill to lowest part of the bowel ... it activates a specific branch of the parasympathetic nervous system.


Then there are myriads of herbs and supplements ... I've tried hundreds.  Many are good for overall help.  But most have not been strong enough to resolve visuals.  Although these did not produce immediate results, I do think they have been part of my 'cure' response.  And have worked well with meds.

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