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i dont know if i have hddp or not im just assuming at this point. i've taken shrooms twice and acid once. The last time i took shrooms i had an awful trip and seemed to be okay afterwards.  a few weeks later i started having some anxiety and an anxiety attack. one day my friend said my pupils were big and he said i looked like i was tripping which i thought was really weird. The next day i started to notice that things were a bit out of focus or fuzzy (not sure if im describing that right) and it's been like that on and off for the past few days. an thoughts on it? im hoping it will just pass in time.

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Anxiety/anxiety attacks will cause massive confusion of perception.

HPPD fuels from anxiety.


I think you just may be having static hallucinations- where you're expecting them to happen even though they're not.

You could just be experiencing a placebo effect.


Either way, I would ultimately not take a psychedelic again.

Also, I would recommend finding ways to reduce stress in your life.

Reducing stress and anxiety is crucial to feeling better.


I truly believe if you tackle the anxiety and stop worrying about it then it will go away.

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