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Not Sure What To Think


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Well, I'm here on this forum because I noticed 3 days after taking LSD that I had floaters in my field of vision. At first I had no idea what to think, for the first few days after noticing these floaters, I did some research as to why I might have these floaters out of nowhere, but nothing really substantial came about that, except to get my eyes checked.  It then hit me that because of taking LSD so recently, that might be a cause of the floaters. I look up 'LSD floaters' on google and I find all sorts of information and testimony regarding noticing floaters after LSD use. Once I saw this happened to a lot of other people, I thought immediately LSD was the cause of the sudden floaters. Upon further research, I came across HPPD, that's when everything took a turn for the worse. After looking up the symptoms of HPPD, I started to notice things that I previously never thought of/noticed until after I looked up HPPD. I started to notice visual snow in the dark, auras around light objects in the dark and I'm just not sure what to think, honestly. It's been nearly a month since I've taken the LSD and nothing has gone away, if anything I've just noticed more phenomenon.  After smoking weed to see if anything would get worse, nothing got worse while I was high, but the day after I saw a trail from moving my hand fast or shutting a cabinet fast and it freaked me out. I'm starting to question what normal trails are now, what's normal in general and what I perceived before noticing the floaters. I don't know if I have HPPD, pre/mild HPPD or if my anxiety is making everything worse after finding HPPD on the internet. 


Relevant Information

- I noticed the floaters my third trip and on one tab of LSD. Each time I have tripped it has only been one tab. LSD is the only psychedelic drug that I have taken. 

- I don't know what to call my third trip, it was good, bad and strange all in one, it seems. For the first 8 hours of the trip, everything was great. I was with people I trusted, there were around 30 people all tripping and everything was fun. It wasn't until about 8 hours after ingesting the LSD that everyone seemed to go their own way and try to go to sleep and I could not sleep for the life of me. In fact no one could sleep at all. Because of my inability to sleep, being alone and concerned about the things I needed to accomplish the following day, I started to get really bad anxiety and found it difficult to relax. This lasted for about 4 hours before I went to go find the other people who were tripping. Turns out none of them could sleep either. We all stayed up throughout the day and some of the night, the majority of us went to sleep about 24 hours after ingesting the LSD. 

- I've taken MDMA about 6 times total and once after noticing the floaters (did not know anything about HPPD at the time). Nothing was visually worse from taking the MDMA after noticing the floaters. 

- Nearsighted (if it has anything to do with floaters).

- The floaters have become increasingly easier to ignore, and perhaps they are even less prevalent. But, maybe my mind is just playing tricks on me. 

- I went and got my eyes checked, the ophthalmologist acknowledged the presence of floaters and said that my eyes were essentially in perfect condition. 


tl;dr: Noticed floaters after a strange/bad acid trip, found HPPD, things got worse, not sure if I have HPPD or if I'm just becoming a victim of my fear and anxiety. 


I appreciate any help and insight anyone has to offer. :) 



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Hey there :) 


Your story is eerie similar to my own. Noticed some vs after a shroom trip and floaters (which I´d seen a few times as a kid) after one particular night of doing MDMA. Was like this for a year with almost daily weed smoking (no harder drugs tho) before I found out about hppd, got very anxious and started noticing a lot of stuff in my vision (increased afterimages, then ghosting, trailing, halos, starbursting etc) over the course of the next few days/months. Also went and got my eyes checked, like you the ophthalmologist acknowledged the the presence of floater but said that otherwise my eyes were in perfect condition. Its been a year now and the stuff is still there, but anxiety and stuff is better and somewhat under control. DP/DR, which I also got/noticed after reading about hppd, is also a lot better. Sorry if I´m making this about me, but too be honest I don´t really know what to tell you. The whole hyperawareness of anything in my visual field resonates strongly with me, but then again I definitely have ghosting and stuff all the time now so not sure what to think. It´s interesting, because most of the people here found out about HPPD after researching a ton of new symptoms that presented themselves immediately after doing a drug(s).


My best advice for now would be to not look up even more symptoms and trying to get anxiety under control as that´s often more harming than the visual distortions themselves. Take it easy and good luck buddy, keep us updated :)

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It's officially been a month now since I've noticed the floaters. I can objectively say that since a month has passed the floaters have decreased in opacity and are much easier to ignore. A lot of the time now I don't really even notice them and when I do they're not bothering me as much and are much easier to ignore. In regards to seeing visual snow, auras, trails, etc. I've looked up what VS and auras looked like since my original post and I can confidently say I don't actually have any of these symptoms and I clearly let my anxiety get the best of me. Regarding the trails, I let normal trails get the best of me and found that when I wasn't obsessing over any kind of trails, everything in my peripheral felt very standard. The floaters, while I think are a result of the LSD, don't seem to be enough of a contributing factor to constitute as HPPD. I've also seen stories that a lot of people have noticed floaters after an LSD trip and they have nothing like HPPD. Since my realization, my anxiety levels have depleted regarding HDDP/Floaters and any of the DP/DR that I thought I may have had, I'm not experiencing at the moment. If anything noticing the floaters has been an enlightening experience in my opinion because it's shown me that I just can't handle MDMA, LSD, heavy pot use without too much anxiety and panic the days/months after and that I need to permanently abstain from psychedelics and heavy psychoactive drugs.


@LaizzesFaire, I appreciate you commenting on my post as it's proven to be helpful to me and I'm glad to have gotten another perspective on this. :D


To anyone who sees this, I wish you all the best in your recovery and I hope you live on to lead happy, fulfilling lives. :) 

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Floaters have nothing to do with hppd, I had them since I was a kid.


My guess is that when on LSD and the days after, you were looking more closely at what is in your visual field and found it hard to filter out the floaters.


It is 100% not hppd though, so don't panic. Floaters will come and go and are perfectly natural.


Hopefully you have learnt a bit about hppd though, while here, and will be very respectful for hallucinogens from here on in.

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Motion blur with something fast = normal for most people

Motion blur with something at normal or slow speed = HPPD


Try opening the cabinet slower and see if you still see any trailing. Motion blur is normal or otherwise fans and moving wheels wouldn't appear like they should to most people. And just like I do with ceiling fans while it is possible to focus on one blade to remove some or most of the blur good luck maintaining it!

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