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Anyone have complex OEVs ?

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Im curious if anyone has effects from their HPPD that are more "full blown" psychedelia. It seems as though most cases are just "residual" effects from the drugs. For example my "tracers" were just mild smears of color...like watercolor being smeared. And the static is exactly that...like multicolored static. But during acute psychedelic intoxication the tracers are beautiful individual pictures and very clear. And the static looks more like the atmosphere is sparkiling



Also can you guys describe these starbursts you see. I cant seem to understand what that is.


 I dont know if Ive mentioned it before but Im always browsing drug forums and seem to have discovered most people that use psychedelics report some sort of visual after effects. Not all but an extremely high number. I believe people who are less anxiety prone/ more live-in-the-moment types are less likely to notice these things. Just a thought

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Ok I pretty much get starbursting, I did a bit more research. I thought it may relate to a symptom I may have had pre HPPD. Im  not sure when this surface but Im wondering if anyone gets this;


Sometimes when I look at something bright and then at something dark  I get these random speckled lights, They act like after images and dissapear at the same rate/frequency as normal after images. This one has gotten worse over the years but I dont know if its HPPD related. In case you are reading this and do not know, Im PRETTY MUCH cured of HPPD. Emotionally and visually I felt fucked for many years. But now I live with some static and things morph if I stare long enough. The only other symptom is that my eyes seem to take longer to adjust from extreme dark to extreme light and visa versa. I feel emotionally well.


I feel that those with HPPD may be fighting an uphill battle, from what I understand many of our symptoms occur with the natural aging process. I have read that static and even after images may manifest from aging. Just another thought. Peace.

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