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All I have to say is WOW - Celastrus Paniculatus

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Hey all,

I came across these seeds called Celastrus Paniculatus(intellect tree) on Amazon by mistake last week, so I did some research as to wth they were and decided to buy some. They were dirt cheap and I figured hell if it works this would be like a months supply. Well they came in today and I took 10 of them sublingually than chewed and swallowed and all I have to say is WOW. Basically I just feel clear headed, more energy and pretty friendly. They don't get you high or anything infact you don't feel like you are on anything, you just get clear headed and some nice energy(not jittery, best way to explain is like a good nights sleep). Now this is my first time taking them and it definitely is not a placebo, I do not know how tolerance builds to these or what so I will see how it goes in the next week. Also I know Amazon isn't the best place to order for a lot of things which makes me think if these effected me like this I wonder how another vendor with better product would work? They sell just the oil that these seeds contain, I plan on ordering that after I use what I have up. Look into it, give it a try, works(so far) for me, you don't have much to lose. I have been trying random stuff lately esp herbs, I got a few more things I am going to try out and will let you know if any of them are good.

Thank you,


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I`ll try them as well. I read that the seeds actually work better over time.

Give them a try! I would say it last a good 2 hours, still feeling it but it is fading away. Not bad though. If they get better over time then this is the bees knees. I've started taking bacopa a few days ago I like that one too.  I got passion flower but I can't say I have gotten any benefits from it, I don't smoke it, just pop 2 capsules of it. There is this bark or something, I was just reading about it earlier but accidently exited out of it, don't know the name of it lol so have to search for it again. But the person talking about it said it mixes very well with these seeds(the intellect tree). It is good for energy and anxiety and I guess very cheap too and will be something I am going to order. When I find it I will post it here. Also started taking DLPA but that takes a few weeks for it to work they say. I am on a damn mission to get rid of this anxiety and depression completely lol! Dp/Dr is a hell of a lot easier to handle when your anxiety and depression is gone, you hardly notice it and when you do get a attack you can manage it a lot better. That is my goal with this, to get rid of anxiety and depression which will than(in theory, my theory) rid me of dp/dr.

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Wow, nice find! I've never even heard about these but there is a good examine.com post on them, and on a bunch of psychedelic/meditation/etc. boards people have been using them and posting about them for a few years. 


They appear to be a potent acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, along with decreasing serotonin turnover and excretion (in the urine (so this means increased serotonin, too?)). It's also been shown to enhance myelination of the brain. I believe they protect from glutamate toxicity, too. I may have to try these since they modulate the neurotransmitters/receptors I think may be low/hypofunctional in my particular brain.



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I just bought these http://www.omchiherbs.com/formulas/cognitol.htm


I don't know though this might be a little to potent for me lol. I took a bunch today just to see how it was, I took around 50 seeds. I also took a preworkout which I am sure this had a lot of effect on it but I felt like I was on adderall kind of. Maybe a little to much focus which I guess is great for most people but you know with most of us focus just means you notice all your problems even more lol. I wish they would say how many seeds = 190mg oil. Guess the only thing I can do is take one and see what's up. Will update when they come in.


The other plant I was talking about is called Acorus Calamus. It is used for anxiety and what not and suppose to be either stimulating or sedating, guess depends on how you use it. It is also used to counter the side effects of all hallucinogens, how is this IDK. All I can find on it is people trying to get messed up on it and either having a good time on it or the worst time of their life by puking all day and just crazy stuff. I did come across a few post where people use it for anxiety and stuff and they seemed to like it for those purposes. I guess it is one of those thing you won't really feel while you are on it but you know the effects are there. I read from 2 different people Calamus mixes well with the Celastrus, I wasn't looking for this mixture it was just what came up, so maybe they are a matched made in heaven. Calamus is also dirt cheap, you can get a pound of it for like 15 bucks. I can't find any straightforward dosing for anxiety and what not though, if you wanted to try to get jacked up I could tell you though lol since that is all I found on it. My guess is 5 grams or less is all you need. Haven't done much research on this so if someone on here does and finds anything else out about it let us know. 


*Acorus calamus shows neuroprotective effect against stroke and chemically induced neurodegeneration in rats.

*Acorus americanus I guess is the strain you want out of all strains

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Well my bottle came in today and I took 1, 190 mg capsule, and sadly I have to say I have experienced nothing. I have not even been able to replicate my first dosage with the seeds again either. I am not going to give it up yet as it is only my first dosage and I also took 2 grams of phenibut sublingually like 2 and a half hours ago so maybe that is preventing it? Idk have never had any luck with phenibut. Took over 7 grams once and I just felt extra weird for over a day but other than that nothing. I am sleepy right now IDK if that is from the phenibut this go around or what which I guess could be blocking this. Will try these out for a few days and report back! If I can replicate the first day that would be real nice!

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