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Anyone in LA/DC?

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Hi all


I´ve been thinking about this for a while and concluded that I´d like to meet someone with HPPD. Don´t really care if you´re a confused teenager or a 15-year veteran of this disorder, it would be nice to actually talk with a human able to understand what the hell we´re forced to deal with on a daily basis. Anyways, I´m usually traveling between these areas and also often in Scandinavia during summer. PM if you´re down to get a cup of coffee or something.


Hope you´re all doing well and good luck, Laizz

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I too have always been inquisitive of that for over 24 years mang.. I always fantasized over talking with someone face to face with hppd considering I thought I was the only one with this disorder..

It would be interesting for like a meet and greet definitely just knowing and seeing someone that is seeing the same alterations as u.. It would be like being a kid again meeting Santa Claus for the first time.. Lol..

I'm in Canada could drive to N.Y.C. it's really not that far from the Province of Ontario..

I was actually talking to visual about that.. I asked him if he had ever met someone knowing they had hppd.. Seems to be the common denominator around here ironically.. It appears to be some pretty whacky wild kool-aid style shit mang!!

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