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Yes; tried both the BCM'95 as well as Longvida; both of which I finished a bottle of. Never noticed anything whatsoever.

On that note; J147 is an interesting neurotrophic substance related to Curcumin, which is being researched for ALS now. In mice, it reverses cognitive impairment in a model of Alzheimer's. Of course, it has yet to go from mice to men, but highly interesting nonetheless. I believe it has improved potency as well as bioavailability (whereas Curcumin has very low bioavailability).


As for anti-oxidants: Idebenone, CoQ10, Melatonin, Vitamin C and E, and Astaxanthin are all rather decent anti-oxidants IIRC, the first 4 of which have been known to influence depression (not sure about Vitamin E, and I doubt there's much data regarding that on Astaxanthin).


Hope you're doing well!

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I've taken it too but only for a month, never noticed any difference. If you are looking for a antioxidant I would go with Astaxanthin. I use Melatonin too which helps me a lot with sleep. I also take it with my Buspar at night for the supposedly neurogenesis but have only been on the mixture for 3 weeks or less. It is also important to note Melatonin is a hormone. I have recently started taking DLPA at 1g a day. Suppose to be good for depression but again it is one of those things that can take a few weeks. Bacopa is another one I started taking, take it at night, hard as hell to wake up from this but when you do finally get up you feel pretty good.

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Just found out curcumin may increase NMDA NR2A sub-unit density AND protect against NMDA-induced excitotoxicity. There are supposedly some more potent forms of curcumin becoming available, more potent than even BCM-95 and similar brands with turmeric fats attached. Some also do IM or IV injections of curcumin. Based off of some of the studies I've looked at, as with most things the benefits accrue with time as it will eventually increase the density these NMDA subtype receptors, decrease HS CRP, and more. The benefits should be anything but noticeable before a period of at least a month, and even then it may take some more time and/or larger doses.


It also appears to increase (or protect?) hippocampal progenitor cell proliferation, much akin to NSI-189. Spirulina has also been used in clinical trials (that I posted at the HPPD stack thread) to protect hippocampal progenitor cells produced from some proprietary supplement formula that really has "natural NSI" written all over it. It'd be interesting to combine NSI+spirulina+curcumin. Or potentially curcumin+MgT and other NMDA-agonizing nutrients/drugs/compounds.


May give this a try after using a few grams of pregnenolone, lol.

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