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stretching sternocleidomastoid improves HPPD


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Hi, everyone..

Ïm sorry I have been away for a long time from this forum.. its mainly because since I have quite an obsessive personality.. I had to stop checking this forum in order to get on with my life..


but I have noticed recently that pressure in my sternocleidomastoid muscle had a profound effect in worsening my HPPD symptoms, and through stretching and exercising it, much of the symptoms that I was suffering from were made far better.. such as clear-headedness, pressure around eyes and face.. I actually feel quite "normal"  after making sure that this muscle isn't tense.. and there seems to be an lowering in some visual symptoms as well.. likely cause they were made worse by tension in this muscle.. I also remembered a long time ago when having swelling of this muscle, it sent me into a total nightmare..


For those who don't know which muscle this is, its on the front of your neck.. Its the muscle that covers your carotid artery's.. so it kind of makes sense that it can be a culprit in making HPPD worse since it carries blood to your brain.. I think also that Arturo lerner, the second expert on HPPD after dr Abraham said he had noticed a connection with neck tension and worsening of hppd symptoms..


so if anyone is experiencing tightness in the neck, try stretching and exercising this muscle, and try to keep a certain awareness of the tightness your feeling in this muscle to see if it can prevent a flare-up in symptoms..


Hope everyone in this community is doing good.. Since I left the board I have gotten married, and is halfway through college.. and HPPD rarely bothers me.. Until recently when I had an anxiety flare-up, which set be back a little.. but also made me realize the correlation of these symptoms..


keep going strong..

don't let HPPD beat you..


// Ralphy

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