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Keppra and Pyroxin as a treatment for HPPD

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Hi there,


I'm new to this forum but not to HPPD. I've had HPPD really bad for a year now and not much has changed except for my visual snow which has lessened since I stopped and got a lot of drugs out of my system, as I was what you would called a 'polly' drug users. Which is to mean, someone who uses everything and anything. So I've used almost every drug except for smack (heroin). 


I use to love acid back in 2011, took it all the time, only had one bad trip but it did shake me up a bit and realised acid isn't all fun and I must be careful. So I didn't use any hullocegenic drug from 2012 to 2013 except for DMT, which I only used a few times and I didn't much enjoy it as it was too intense but as soon as the trip was over I felt amazing haha.


But last year 2013 around April, I tried magic mushrooms for the first time and instantly went into a bad trip. Weirdly enough I did not have much visuals, like I didn't see anything that wasn't there, just a kinda distorted vision after a night of ketamine. So I basically just felt severely depressed and anxious which I have never experienced like that before and I was out camping at a festival so there wasn't much I could do and I didn't think at the time to go to the ambulance because I just felt like I needed to ride it out and sleep it off, which I did.


The next day I woke up feeling like nothing had happened the night before and was glad it was over, smoked a few cones which I normally do when I woke up and was still fine. But as soon as I got home and I unpacked everything, showered after 3 days and sat out back for a nice cone. As soon as I ripped a cone, I instantly started tripping hard balls and not in the good way. So I absolutely freaked out and again I rode it out. I realised things weren't going away after a few days and I was freaking out a lot and it turns out I had drug induced physcosis on top of HPPD.


So I went to my GP and she refereed me to a psychiatrist. So I went into rehab about 7 times in 2013 and was put on anti-depressants and anti-physcotics as well as clonazapam. Nothing worked except for the clonaz but I knew I couldn't stay on benzos otherwise the withdrawal and long term effects would just fuck me up. So around January this year 2014, I got off everything. At first it was hard and it payed off in the end because I felt a lot better without the shit.


But my HPPD hasn't gone away after a year now, so I decided to be my own DR and told my psychiatrist again for the 100th time about my HPPD and we need to do something about it. He was quite lazy about it, so I did all the research and found studies of treaments to bring back to him. Which I did, so I originally started on Lamotrigen which gave me horrific night terrors everynight for 3 nights straight, so I instantly stopped taking it as I couldn't sleep due to my nightmares.


So just today I finally got everything sorted out, I'm on Keppra and Pyroxin. I take 500mg of Keppra a day and 25mg of Pyroxin. Keppra is known to help HPPD but it can cause physciatrict symptoms, which is why I also take Pyroxin to counteract the side effects of Keppra.


I haven't written like this about my HPPD in a long time since I had really bad physcosis due to how concerned I was.


So I'd like to know if anyone has succeeded with taking Keppra and Pyroxin?





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I have just seen your post.  There are some people who hwve had success with Keppra.  Look up Keppra and you will gt a nimber of post listed.  I estimate 20% had almost complete remission of symptoms.  I am estimating from previous board information which is not available ro view, when many people tried it.  I do think the percentage could have been higher if more people could tolerate the med.  It had the affect of increased anxiety on many.   I have heard of no one taking Pyroxin at all.

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I have been taking LSD recreationally for the past 3 and a half years. Until this moment I was at a complete loss of being able to explain the symptoms of my HPPD to friends and co-workers. I'm ecstatic to be able to find this forum, and especially this post. It sounds crazy, but being able to put a name to something I've been experiencing is comforting.


"Visual snow". Huh.

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