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Is it possible to take GHB with HPPD problems?


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Hello, sorry for my english, iam from the Netherlands.

I have HPPD for about 5 years now, i get it from strong dutch XTC.

It is getting better now so i want to try some drugs again.

My question is, is it possible to take some GHB or cocaine when we still have HPPD?

I know it sounds stupid to take drugs again but there must by something wat we can take.






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Well, if you're taking GHB for recreational purposes... bad idea. But there is an abundance of information on smaller doses being used to treat many disorders and potentially lengthen lifespan. But since you're asking about cocaine, too, I'll assume the GHB would also be abused.


That's a bad idea. Some of us here made some progress with HPPD, then used some substance and got pushed all the way back, sometimes below our original baseline. 

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I've taken GHB (as an attempt to find a less toxic alternative to alcohol)


I was fine... Didn't really enjoy it though.


GHB is about as safe or dangerous as half the meds people stick in their mouths in hope that it will cure them. It is a GABAa agonist, after all.

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Yes you can take those drugs..... as long as you wear a purple shirt and drink your own urine before

Fuck off!!

So iam sorry aggressive men.

Iam new here and i only want to know what is all your expericience with drugs.

Its hard to say no to drugs when you are on a party with thousands people and you know you are the only one that is sober.

So i thought maybe GHB is possible, without problems for the HPPD.

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When you have hppd the party is over.

Putting that sticker on my car...which i dont have, :)

But really nailed it, this is a thing for those of us who got it early when drugs still was a love affair and not a marriage with the occasional, casual sex. We must adapt to doing other stuff, find a way of being creative, keep occupied etc.

There wont be anymore drugs until there is a cure and a relapse lid on the right synapse has been put on. And the last part wont happen.

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