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pharmaceuticals that help visuals?

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You'll have to comb through the forum for details as there is a variety.


Klonopin is fairly successful

Keppra helps a few

Lamectil has a couple recent posts

Sinemet helps me a lot, but it is one that few have actually tried


In general, meds help manage symptoms but aren't particularly a cure.  Nevertheless, the can help.  Also, it is claimed that most get over HPPD over time ... whether the meds can speed this isn't known.  However, Sinemet did give me permanent improvement ... but not a total fix.


Every meds has plusses and minuses.  And each person responds somewhat uniquely.


In general the worst meds to use are SSRIs, SNRIs and antipsychotics.  These usually make things worse.  However, there are a few that claim these have helped them.  Ironically, they are the most likely to be prescribed by a doctor.


It may help to note your most prominent symptoms and try to match these to others and their med responses.


Hope this helps you get started in your search

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Funny, just was talking about MAOIs.  Not familiar with moclobemide as it is described as a newer generation 'selective' MAOI without the tyromine problem.


The short life would make life a see-saw.  What is your dosage and schedual?


You could try taking half a dose twice as often.  For example, if you take 1 pill 3 times a day, you could take 1/2 pill 6 times a day.


If Prozac makes it worse, what about Prozac make it desirable for you to return to it?


Beside moclobemide, Prozac and Valium, what other meds have you tried?

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