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HPPD - TBI and HGH - Cognitive Function

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Hey all,

Was reading a article on Yahoo about how like 50% of men who are homeless have TBI which got me to thinking about this.....again. I posted something similar to this a while back but didn't get much hits, wanted to see where it goes this time. 


Growth Hormone



Growth Hormone and TBI



Growth Hormone and Cognitive Function


Now I am not saying HPPD and TBI are the same but I have always kind of looked at HPPD as another form of TBI, a blunt hit with drugs lol. 


Do you think there is even the slightest hope for this to be a possibility for help? It would be almost impossible to get a doctor to prescribe it to you and then you have to get shots and keep up with blood work. Just wanted to throw this out here again and see what y'alls thoughts were.


Thank you,


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