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Looking to hear about stories with keppra

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If anyone could share there story or info about whether or not they have had success with keppra plz let me know.

I can no longer continue to take lamictal as I think I'm allergic to it and the side effects r terrible, I tried to go up just a quarter from 12.5mg and it wasn't good.

Thank u

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Ok will do thanks!

It's unfortunate that I can't go up on lamictal Bcoz it gave me huge benefit for my mood and ocd thoughts!! A glutamate inhibitor rlly helps me...I may stay on 12.5mg still and try to go up later again? I'm not sure ...but if I'm allergic there's nothing I can do

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If you think that you are allergic to lamictal, I suggest you to stop taking it as soon as possible, because as far as I know it can turn into something lethal... I don't know much about allergies, but I guess it's possible to worsen once lamictal builds up in your system.

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