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I might have very mild HPPD (Unusual symptons)


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Last summer I took acid and 2-cb at a music festival. The day after when I was trying to sleep I noticed moving patterns (like I was tripping) when I closed my eyes and I had to sleep with the light on. Thankfully the next day everything seemed to be fine.


But that night I noticed sort of static when I closed my eyes. I wasn't really to bothered by it and I wasn't sure if I just saw it because I was checking for anything if you know what I mean. I then read up about HPPD (After all the research I had done on acid and 2-cb before taking I hadn't come across it which amazed me). I got really worried and noticed that I did also see negative images when looking around but once again I'm not sure if this was there before and I was only noticing it because of reading about it. So I decided to stop reading up about it and forget about it for a while at least.


Now a year later I can still see static when my eyes are closed and it's dark but it doesn't bother me. 

But what does bother me is on bright days (or even just looking at a computer screen) I have a large amount of floaters. I mean if I look at the sky there are possibly around 30 floating around my eyes. I'm not exactly sure when this started and I don't know whether it's a symptom of HPPD or not. All I know is it can be very annoying and I asked an eye doctor and she dismissed it saying it's normal enough and it should go away.

It's been like this for months and while it's not the worst thing in the world and I can live with it no problem I would like to know if this is likely caused by HPPD or if its likely just something else.


Does anyone here get a lot of floaters? If it is HPPD would it go away? 


Anyways thanks for reading.

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Sorry to hear that dude. A lot of your story resonates with me tho. Noticed static after a shroom trip, but didnt really bother me. After a year or so, with frequent weed smoking and drinking, I noticed some floaters as well. Decided to look it up, got very stressed out when I found HPPD, found new symptoms as I became hyperaware of everything in my visual field. The floaters are normal tho, both as a symptom of HPPD and in normal people. I also get them while on my computer and on very bright light sources. Lowering the brightness of the screen, wearing sunglasses outside etc usually helps. F.Lux is a nice little program which adjusts the screen to the room your in and time of the day ( https://justgetflux.com )


All the best, Laiz

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I can't say if you have hppd or not, but I think It has a lot to do with your awareness and attention.

Actually there are various types of entoptic phenomenons, which are caused by the eye itself. One is floaters, another similar one is the blue field entoptic phenomenon. Actually they appear in most normal people too. I guess people with hppd just have a heightened awareness of anything visual, which makes them more troublesome for us.

I have been aware of them since I was a kid, I used to watch them a lot when I was bored. I haven't been thinking about them, or check if they were still there for years... Perhaps there were times that I noticed, but just ignored them. Now that I've been reading about hppd and such, I became very much aware of them again. Knowing that they were there since my childhood keeps me calm.

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Everyone has floaters and can see static if they look hard enough. Everyone.

You probably have simply become more hyperaware of what things look like after taking a psychedelic and you just so happened to notice them.

They are both completely normal, and all you can do at this point is not worry about it, and you'll stop noticing it.

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This is where things get a little tricky. I also remember noticing static in dark rooms as a kid when looking really hard. Floaters from time to time as well, along with BFEP. I mean who hasn´t seen light trails from sparklers at New Years etc. Increased awareness of floaters and static were the first signs of HPPD for me, something I ignored for a long time. So even if this might be attributed to some form of hyperawareness, I´d advise you to thread really lightly.

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Laizzes nailed it on the head.

Hyper awareness can be an issue in itself.

Whether or not you have HPPD, psychedelics can cause all sorts of weird issues with anxiety.

You're lucky to have caught it so early or at least in the mild form it is.

HPPD issues can and will build themselves off continued psychedelic use.

Please, quit psychedelics while you're not too far gone!

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