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Why I am taking the steps to organize this seeming overwhelming action

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More than half of survey respondents (55%) who engaged with causes via social media have been inspired to take further action. 


More than half of survey respondents (55%) who engaged with causes via social media have been inspired to take further action. The most common actions taken include donating money (68%), volunteering (53%), donating personal items or food (52%), or attending or participating in an event (43%). 


What motivates these further actions? Survey respondents indicated that stories are key; more than half (56%) agree they read a story on social media that made them want to do more. Other drivers include online videos (41%) and photos (40%), along with seeing family and friends also taking further action (39%). 


This is why you will be able to blog your story, include images and work on music and art for demonstrations. Independent film is important and our own footage and story telling. 


We will raise 100,000 before the end of this month. If we work and become motivated about learning what we are doing and how you are expected to be a part of the process that you can be proud of.


- David

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I can pretty much clear some time to do a full production documentary. I need help organising people to interview though and create a story arc.


I've thought about this a few times and see it going something like this:


Intro to HPPD

Dispelling the myths

Sufferers stories

Non judgemental discussion with hallucinogen takers

Doctors' input and scientific breakdown

Success stories


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Jay, sign up and I'll give you staff level permissions. You can run with it and people can volunteer for the documentary and it can be its own section of the web site. People can crowdfund it and also with their addresses you can find people to stay with. You can have your own blog/etc and also the design needs work (liquid or static) it is pretty open.


I am also going to be sending messages to others to ask you to take a lead role if you would. I think for Jay he starts the documentary section that our collective funding (just 5 dollars a month from all of the regular readers that visit would be 300,000. Seriously. So, I am deciding that for the interest of the community it is time to wonder why we are asking others to come and help us when if we buy one 5 dollar item that was not needed in a month and that could have gone to a gigantic fund that would pay for very high end research. I will force action if I need to, but I think people will want to do this. I have a women from Pew who is doing a book and this project is part of the story. It is about patients who take control of their research and we are a model group because of our unique challenges.


Right now, the best thing you can do is just Text RECRUIT to +17474002617 to join. It will send follow up questions asking for your e-mail address, then you name and then address (maybe) but you will appear on the system and I will call you and ask you what your plans are. The site is not functional at the moment and still named the Kozin Foundation. As much as I love the name. LOL it is a holder until someone can have a better name and wants to pay for a domain name.





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