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We are in an unprecedented moment in the timeline for Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder, and the most important components to move us forward exist within our own ranks.


The current active members of HPPDonline.com are by far the most vocal about their condition without concern for the backlash, are also part of medical research and some are open about their HPPD. We also possess funds to collectively have no trouble with $200,000/year research budget to HPPD and include artist and writers who can communicate the message to others.


I read how many members on this web site want to take a next step, and today is the day it is going to happen. I am starting talks to the responsible parties of the HPPD Foundation. The Foundation's goal is to put $100,000 funding towards HPPD research a year, and I think this money would be served best to help the members of this community with their project ideas including:


(These are ideas from the forum, chatting with peope and my own but collectively as "ours" no way suggest or want ownership, just putting them out there)


1) Creating an HPPD Documentary Movie / Raising the funds to do so / Organizing people around the world for film

2) Developing a non-forum web site for professionals about Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder. Allow everyone to blog on a membership site.

3) Creation of high-quality documents -- informational hand-outs, public relations and awareness literature

4) Conducting research at school, uni or in their office or online.

5) Create a database of doctors that have taken an "HPPD" Pledge, where they have read a minimal amount of HPPD and agreed to the legitimacy of the disorder and in turn get their office contact information in a searchable database

6) Have an organized system for meet-ups with HPPD people in different regions

7) Organizing effective grass-root awareness campaigns at targeted events. Other PR at target audiences.

8) Public Speaking about the Topic at conferences

9) Holding our own International Conference

10) Dealing with the media and responding to false information on the Internet

11) Creating art, publishing text and getting publicity for the work related to HPPD. This includes digital media as art and simulations.

12) Create a group that can find unique and non-traditional methods to ensure our goals and desires are met

13) Pay for media space in traditional outlets, while using SEO and clever methods to occupy more digital space.

14) Organize for placement on television shows with huge audiences (Dr. Oz, The Doctors)

15) Collect all relevant Research from the past to current and place it in a space for use by us, other researchers and clinical workers.

16) Conduct fundraising programs to further fund these operations

17) To leverage all of our own unique skill sets, positions in our lives and organize our talents to reduce cost and barriers to getting shit down. This includes translators for the main web site, documents that go to print and in-house graphic designers (we have some of the best) invest some time and with funding -- get paid vs. non-HPPD designers -- for work.

18) Help me with two research projects I have ready to begin and I have authored two Visual Neuroscience & Information Processing protocols that were discussed by Dr. Abraham and labs at Yale to UC:SF for finding a biomarker of HPPD and also enhancing our understanding of the neurochemical pathways that are involved with HPPD to further improve targets for pharmacological therapies.

19) Provide support to individuals as an organized group with one person always available via a hotline organized and operated with volunteers.

20 Become a model group for what can happen when the patients work collectively to change the way their disorder is understood, diagnosed, researched and treated. Become our own champions for the future,



To do this, we need to work as a team and individuals with the ability to give more time & higher skill sets of different projects take leadership roles, but still work as a team.




So, along with advice from others and now having the opportunity to do so, I am giving up hope for earning money to get me to the next step of my life and focus 8 hours of the day to the project and hopefully in 6 months we are moving forward at an excellent pace and I can afford to return to school for my advanced degree while working on this grand project.


i have the first step for the organizing of all of the interested people on this site and more to become an effective autonomous and self-running organization that is essentially the computer system and design of Obama's political online campaign machine. I have used it for local political campaigns, and working with the company to get certified (to put me in a group of 10 people perhaps) as an Expert in their new system that just received massive funding and the founder of E-bay jumping on board. The system is being used for the large anti-bullying campaign to entire state's Party unified campaign software to non-profits and running local governments. 


I have the system set-up with the basics, but this is all that is needed to start. Two of our members donated the money to pay for the start-up of the system (very inexpensive and highly scalable) and to take all of these great ideas from the community and make them actionable we can start with the individuals who will become "early adopters" and work to discuss management issues and the best structure for the group as an entity (legally/etc) and generate the basics for the majority of the community to become a part of.


I am clocking in all day this week and beyond for what yesterday was temporarily named the Kozin Foundation until the geniuses on here can come up with a succinct name that conveys the message and has a domain name we can get. However, I do have phone lines already set-up for the company. 


If you are interested to become a project leader or provide early work as a designer, programmer, researcher, attorney, funder or whatever you have thought of like a social media butterfly: You can contact me and we will organize communication if you do one of the following:


1) Text RECRUIT to +17474002617 to be part of the start-up. The system will record your cell number, and then ask you for your e-mail address and your name. This is recorded and will be viewable to core staff members. With this information, an account for you will be created but not public with this very basic information. I will be notified immediately to follow up and fill in the rest of the details and discuss what you would like to do. 


2) Send an email (this will change when the domain name changes after input, but at this time is david@kozinfoundation.org). Include your contact information so I can follow up with you. I will also be alerted to take care of this.


3) Call and leave a voicemail at +17474002617 with your contact information. If I am not on the phone, I will pick up during normal hours.



- David

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For example, I would love an assistant to help fix spelling errors and grammar problems in the post above and also process incoming messages/etc for the project. I am reaching out to multiple connections in the industry about putting in support, and I have learned that even doing this full-time this is not something I can or would want to try alone. I want everyone to take the credit, but let me survive without going hungry. :) 


- dk

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