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MAPS May be our BEST bet

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http://www.maps.org/ aka (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) is a LEGIT organization that is based out of California that is pro psychedelic. They help scientists get tfunding and approval from the government for psychedelic research. I believe this is extremely important for HPPD. They must be aware of the disorder and the more people that come forward with it the more interest they will have in researching this and other side effects of psychedelic use. After all, no matter how beneficial a medicine is theres alwayd a chance that some people will experience side effects and these side effects need to be addressed. You see where Im going with this? These people have the strongest interest and are probably our strongest recource.


Im sorry its late, Im exhasusted and Im having a difficult time trying to type/think and articulate myself, but I felt like if O didn't post this now I would forget to do so later. 

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I spent days house sitting for Rick Doblin of MAPS. I know their opinion, and they have their opportunity. The best news coming from that area is from Dr. Charlie Grob announcing, for the first time, that HPPD is real and they better deal with it. Grob is very influential, but I spent a year with MAPS folk and they are raising money for other areas. Your logic is correct, and people in MAPS I know state, "It should be a priority to study HPPD to reduce risk and understand possible harms to reduce them." 


However, despite being there... it is not the place I want to have you put your HPPD money in. 


However, you can join and work to put together a group for identifying and communicating with the HPPD Foundation and restart their interest.


I'm here all day.


- David

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