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HPPD NATION: Text RECRUIT to +17349842496 to join, seriously

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The forum can only do so much. 


I realize the limitations, and I have read excellent ideas on taking the next step for HPPD.


I am suggesting and set-up the basic components to begin a system that will allow a sampling of the following types of actions:


Members to the new site can register with e-mail address, Twitter or Facebook account. You can create a public profile if you choose. Your account is connected to what you do, you earn action points by any positive awareness work and other variables. Each person becomes part of the team, and different team members from here will be in charge of groups to organize actions:


Here is the capability:



Your NationBuilder database puts people at the center of everything you do.

  • Dynamic profiles — Effortlessly capture people’s contact information, automatically match email addresses to Facebook and Twitter, and find your most influential supporters with Klout.
  • Nobody falls through the cracks — Automatically set followup reminders or assign a specific point person when someone contacts you, or takes any action on your website.
  • Targeting — Use tags, lists and filters to track information about your supporters and send communications based on who they are.
  • You own your data — The information in your database belongs to you and is never shared unless you do it yourself. You can export everything if you choose to cancel.
  • Importing & exporting — Easily download a complete snapshot of your database as a CSV. Import and export contact information, email lists, and donation histories.
  • Supporters & Prospects — Keep track of supporters and prospects, and watch as prospects become more engaged with your nation.
  • Chapters & local groups — Share themes and website templates across all chapters. Supporter data from subnations feeds up into your central database.
  • Goals — Set goals for fundraising, donors, tweets, petition signatures, signups, volunteers, followers, endorsements, event RSVPs, survey responses, suggestions and more.
  • Leaderboards — Award virtual currency for actions taken by supporters and recognize top recruiters and contributors.
  • Public profiles — Supporters get their own public profile page, showing social networks and website activity or fundraising efforts.
  • Log contacts — Log contacts and outreach with supporters and prospects.
  • Mapping & turf cutting — Map all your people geographically. Create lists by visually segmenting your people on a map.
  • Big data — Effectively manage big data, share and sync information between accounts, apps, and other databases. THIS IS WHERE WE INITATE RESEARCH WITH THE OLD WEB SITE FROM THE ONSET.

Still building your site on a CMS? NationBuilder helps you build a fully interactive desktop and mobile sites focused on action.

  • Custom — Your website on your custom domain, complete with responsive design and hundreds of styles. Fully customizable with HTML, Javascript, Liquid and CSS. Use your own editor with Theme Sync for Mac.
  • Built-in action pages — Create events, online fundraising, recruitment and signup pages. Information entered is automatically synced to your database. No coding required.
  • Chain pages together — Easily create a flow from action to action to take supporters up the ladder of engagement.
  • Mobile — With responsive design and mobile-optimized themes, your website looks good on any device without the need for additional customization.
  • Referral tracking — Every action taken can be tracked back to the original recruiter, and leaderboards help recognize top performers.
  • Tags & activity streams — Use tags to efficiently sort through website content, and view real-time activity streams for individual pages or your website as a whole.
  • Blogging — Run as many blogs as you want. Set up RSS feeds and schedule posts for future dates. Easily publish to Facebook and Twitter with a single click.
  • Events — Coordinate events including all volunteering, ticketing, and fundraising activities. Supporters can host their own events and list them on your website. RSVPs sync to Facebook to maximize social sharing.
  • Visitor interaction — Easy sign-in with Facebook, Twitter or email address on all feedback pages. Admins have control over moderator tools and spam blocking, and can disable user-generated content entirely.
  • Reliable — Secure hosting and unlimited scaling ensures you won't go down when the world comes to your site. Uptime is public atstatus.nationbuilder.com.
  • Website analytics — Google Analytics just works, with email campaign and donation tracking built in. Set up goals for any action on your website. Chartbeat hooks included.
  • Search engine optimization — Customizable, clean URLs, canonical tagging, and full control of page titles and meta tags. Page-level Facebook Open Graph excerpt and image setup for social sharing.
  • Custom fields — Use custom form fields to capture the data that makes your community unique.

Consolidate all your communications in one system.

  • Manage high volumes of incoming email — Host your email on your own domain and get unlimited mailboxes for your staff.
  • Centralize your organization’s email — Every staff members sends and receives email in one place, increasing transparency and making sure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Email blasting & newsletters — Send targeted email blasts with exceptional deliverability scores using one of our beautiful themes or create your own.
  • Text messaging — Use text blasting to communicate with people where they’re most likely to see it - on their phones. Set up autoresponses and collect contact info when someone texts in.
  • Text keywords — Set up text keywords to allow people to take action in the moment by signing a petition, RSVPing for an event, or signing up to volunteer via text.
  • Social media — Manage multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts in one place and integrate with LinkedIn, Meetup and Klout.
  • Virtual phone numbers — Incoming calls and voicemails are automatically logged in your database for quick response times.
  • Schedule anything — Any type of communication can be schedule for publishing including blog posts, email blasts, text blasts, Facebook posts, and tweets.

Fundraise and accept donations online with no additional transaction fees.

  • Secure donations — Customizable secure donation pages. No merchant account required.
  • Crowdfunding — Set goals and ask supporters to help raise money for projects.
  • Personal fundraising — Every supporter gets their own fundraising page with goals.
  • Fully integrated — Fully integrated with your people database. All donation activity is tracked.
  • Sell tickets — Sell tickets to events at different levels and price points.
  • Customer invoices — Create customer invoices payable directly through your website. Apply discounts to any invoice and assign credit to point people for generating revenue.
  • Import & export donations — Export all donations to Excel. Import past donation history.
Optional addons

All the tools you need to recruit and organize your volunteers.

  • Volunteer signup pages — Recruiting volunteers is easy with signup pages that automatically assign people to a staff member for followup.
  • Volunteer roles — Easily configure and keep track of volunteer roles. Identify people’s interests when they signup so you can match them to your needs.
  • Volunteer shifts — Efficiently staff events by creating volunteer shifts. When people RSVP they can choose which shifts they want to volunteer for.
  • Mapping — Use maps to identify volunteers in specific geographical areas. Create walksheets for canvassing neighborhoods.
  • Email and text reminders — Get great turnout at your volunteer events by sending email and text reminders to everyone who signed up to help.
  • Volunteer via text — Recruit volunteers anywhere with text keywords that allow people to signup using their phones.
  • Grow your volunteer base — Automatically ask for volunteers on action pages on your site and watch your volunteers grow over time.
Donor addon FREE

Everything you need to accurately manage your fundraising and donations.

  • Full customizable, secure donation pages — Start accepting donations on your site in minutes using one of our donation processors. No merchant account required.
  • Donation tracking — All donation activity is automatically logged in your database. Get the full picture of your fundraising progress using tracking codes.
  • Personal fundraising — Engage supporters in recruitment and fundraising drives with personal fundraising goals and leaderboards to spark competition.
  • Fully integrated with your people database— Organize your donors with tags, lists and filters. Reach out to those who haven’t given recently or those who could give more.
  • Crowdfunding — Set goals and ask supporters to help raise money for your next project.
  • Importing & exporting — Export all donation information to Excel and import your past donation history.
Customer addon

Manage your business and create stronger relationships with customers.

  • Invoicing — Create invoices to bill customers in your nation. Customers can pay invoices through your website. No merchant account required.
  • Track revenue goals — Visually measure which staff members bring in the most revenue and use virtual currency and leaderboards recognize your high performers.
  • Chart your growth — Detailed charts and graphs show you up-to-the-minute information on your revenue growth.
  • Nobody falls through the cracks — Set followups or assign a specific point person when a customer contacts you, or takes any action on your website.
  • Referral tracking — Recruiter links automatically track who refers the most customers to your business.
Member addon FREE

Use memberships to collect dues, manage your members, and give them access to premium content on your website.

  • Membership levels — Create multiple membership levels and customize any of the pages on your website to be available to members only.
  • Paid memberships — Configure multiple membership price points and durations and link your nation to a bank account.
  • Recurring memberships — Create memberships that automatically collect recurring fees or donations.
  • Track member growth — Use tags, lists and filters to identify your members and view how your memberships grow over time.
Activist addon FREE

Engage your community in the issues they care about with petitions.

  • Petitions — Easily create unlimited petition pages and set signature goals. People can sign the petition on your website, or via text message.
  • Vote pledge — Ask voters to pledge their votes on your website and track potential votes.
  • Voter registration — Create a page for voter registration on your website. Contact information for people who register is automatically added to your people database.
  • REST, Quickstart guides — Our open, documented APIs include quickstart guides and sample apps for popular programming languages including Ruby and PHP.
  • Full-featured — Update pages, supporter activity streams, event RSVPs and surveys with a growing range of available endpoints.
  • Webhooks — Get a firehose of information about updates to people in your nation.
  • Build apps — Create applications to bring a custom experience to your nation and its capabilities.
  • Share apps — Submit applications for inclusion in our directory and share your best work with the world.
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Sytheso, I created an account with your e-mail address and no password, but also no ability to do anything accept edit your own imaginary information and visit the unfinished sites. Visit the site and find the password link and I'll help you through of you need it.



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