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Here comes the pain.

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Today I had an appointment with a dental surgeon in regards to having my wisdom teeth removed.

Due to the way my teeth had grown he reconmended I have the procedure done under a general anesthetic.

I explained to him this was not an option for me as I was afraid it would aggregate my per existing medical condition. He gave me a puzzled kinda look and asked me to elaborate, so I briefly described hppd and how it come about. To be honest I couldn't ask for a better response, he was not only understanding but very sympathetic. He said he could operate solely under a local however it would involve me to man up as it wouldn't be a walk in the park.

The operation is scheduled in two weeks. I am absolutely shitting my pants.


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Jimmy, a month before I got HPPD, I had my wisdom teeth removed under local, (albeit only 2 at a time). Although the dentist admitted he didn't have exactly the right pliers (????!!) it was bearable. The worst was on day 2 after the OP, when my supply of 'Dolormin' (Ibuprofen + aspirin DL-lysine) ran out.


I don't know, of course, how these painkillers, or any others, will affect HPPD, but I would recommend you try to get yourself a supply of CBD oil. I've found a good supplier in Europe: 

It helped me a lot with anxiety. I understand it works best with pain, though. Expensive, but worth a try! After a nasty week, your pain will be almost gone. Good luck. 
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