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Just want to say, help?


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Hello, my name is Felipe, I'm 19, and I think I have HPPD, I'm from Brazil, and here the doctor shortage as psychedelic affairs is extreme. 


It all started 1 month ago when ingested two quarters of LSD and smoked marijuana, I had a very bad trip, the symptoms were only stop 16 hours later in hospital, after taking diazepam 10mg. Since then my vision is altered, especially in the dark, I have illusions if I pay much attention, and I see little red around the black with contrast white. 


I wonder how do I know if I have HPPD? 


My shrink prescribed me 1mg of risperidone overnight, and sertraline 50mg per day. 


I feel I'm improving little by little, with bright light I almost do not see the symptoms, but the dark is horrible. 


Thank you!

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I am also quite new around here, so I don't know if I can help much... but I can say that, that horrible feeling you get is probably going to fade over time.

When I first started having hppd symptoms I was terrified. Although my symptoms were persisting and interfering a lot with my daily life at the time, I kinda got used to it in a few months and learnt to distract myself when I feel bad.

I live in Turkey and the situation with doctors is the same around here, perhaps even worse. While struggling with hppd for about two years, I've seen 3 different shrinks and a neurologist and none of them knew anything about it.

From what I've been reading, I understand that risperidone in particular can make hppd worse. I've seen cautions about it in almost everything I've read about hppd, so perhaps you should mention that to your shrink...

I've been on Lamictal for the past 6 months and it seems to be helping a lot.

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I'm also new. There seems to be a lot of knowledge on here. I hope you find your answers. I have read on many sights risperidone Might Exacerbate Your Visuals. As for sertraline, I have been on 150 mgs for about 8 years, and it seems to reduce anxiety and DR. Although it has done nothing for my visuals.

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Hey xspecm..


Are you still around, if so are you getting any improvement??


Yes, I'm here, but I'm not very active, I'm trying to distract my mind a bit, and forget that I have it, I had a hospital stay, so my psychiatrist ordered to stop risperidone, and start with zopix, I have noticed visual and mental improvement, but not much, it seems that little by little it is going away, it's been two months that I'm with the distorted view, but the lyrics wrapped red seems to have disappeared ... I went on a neurologist today and talked about HPPD and lamictal and luckily she had free samples of lamictal,'m taking, let's see if reducing the effects ...


Now I'm taking 1 capsule per day of omega A-Z, olanzapine 5mg 2x daily, sertraline 100mg, lamotrigine 25mg 2x daily, and ginkgo biloba 120mg 2x daily.

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