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for me anxiety is the worst - also alot of tiredness, and i dont feel like doing something at all, its pure the depression that makes a relationship difficult. When i close my eyes my whole body shakes, along with cev's- I have no feeling of time, nothing to look forward too, no acohol or a party whch i liked alot in the past.. im always happy when th day ends..

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Jess i don't believe you have HPPD going off everything you have posted, more likely some type of other rare neurological disorder.??

You don't have any of the classic symptoms associated with it (trails, vs, floaters, star bursts, cev's after images etc)

Not trying to isolate you or anything like that but in my humble opinion it's a simple case of....the shoe doesn't fit.

Keep up the search

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Hi jimmy,

Yes I do...it's from a hallucinogen and I have perceptual distortions. It's deff a perception disorder. Not all hppd is the same, only me and solveig got hppd from Iboga. And yes it does seem different then the normal typical style of hppd. Iboga is some serious fuked up drug. Some symptoms I have do fit in with the normal hppd like seeing intensified hues and colours looking more bright etc, Depersonalization, dissociation. Things looking like they merge & mix together. I did have slight star bursting when it first got triggered.

Anything that alters ur perception and is caused by a hallucinogen is hppd.

I have been told I will be healed in Brazil so that is my only hope I will just keep coming back until I'm fixed I guess :(

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Before I used to feel disconnected from everyone, I felt as though they weren't real or didn't have a soul.

Plus massive depression, anxiety, and all that lovely shit that comes with this.


But now I'm starting to hang out with girls more because I feel like I am able to connect with people again. ^.^

I've been way more flirty, fun, and excitable to hang out with.

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Miss Jess -

I totally can relate this disorder makes you start all over. It forces you to build your own self esteem up again starting from the bottom. Even though you don't want to deal with this shit it is the only way out because we can't just pretend it's not happening to us. I want to feel like my true self again, happy pretty energetic etc before I try to find a husband let alone a relationship. I feel like it wouldn't be fair to drag them down with this before I have it healed or at least in control. It sucks the situation we are forced into. It makes your reevaluate life on another level.

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