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What do these symptoms have in common?

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Alright, so with the onset of hppd, a lot of people developed tinnitus, VS, brain fog, etc. My question is: why so many seemingly different symptoms? When I first got hppd, I could see like a rift in my eye sight towards the upper part of my vision, and I only noticed it when I looked at the sky. It was like a black hole of static, and hella floaters were perturbing out of it. That was the prelude of what was to come. I remember the next day I was checking myself out in the mirror ( thinking damn I'm a stallion) and all-of-a-sudden, BAM! I felt my brain literally deflate. Almost as if I was falling from the cloud 9 I had built up from years of drugs....I miss drugs ): I noticed over the course of some time the aforementioned 'rift' in my vision had encompassed my whole field of view. I didn't see static and floaters in one spot of vision anymore, but EVERYWHERE! The brain fog then rolled in, then my tinnitus. The tinnitus is gone, and my brain fog is approx. 60% cleared up ( or so I think, I really don't like using stats because This I'm not some final fantasy character) I still see floaters more often then I would like, my VS is slowly declining, and I still see after images and tracers like no bodies business. So the point I've been rambling on about in this post would be, what do these symptoms have in common? A certain lobe of the brain? Certain brainwaves? Don't alpha waves stem from the occipital lobe? Would that be the issue? I highly doubt there are multiple separate problems to this equation. It's an equation none the less, so there has to be an underlying cause? Has anybody had any luck with binaural or isochronic beats? Would meditation regulate brai. Wave activity? Am I wearing pants? ( no) why is KFC so damn fucking tasty?? I have so many questions left to be answered!! D:

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