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Guerilla Biotech

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I came across SciOpen Research Group (SRG), and thought: "Awesome!". They now have an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for microscopic tissue analysis to assess the effects of J147; a potent neurotrophic Curcumin derivative that's orally active.

They are a self-proclaimed "Guerilla Biotech" research group. I'll just post the video, so you can see for yourself:


Bridging the "Valley of Death":

Introduction to SRG:



Now their main focus is ALS, however this is just their first project. They are interested in any neurogdegenerative disorders.

Now I'm not saying they'll be interested in HPPD, or if they can even do something for it, but I just wanted to post this as I found it an inspiring example.

Perhaps, if they are successful, more initiatives such as this will take off, and somewhere along the line HPPD may become a focus of research as well?
Or, whatever fruits such endeavours bear, may be applicable to us.


Either way, I found it post worthy.

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Do u consider hppd to be a neurodegenerative disorder??

I wonder if someone submitted the hppd disorder disclaimer to this organization what would happen??

That would be interesting to say the least. Maybe we should have the courage and gull to knock on their door and make some noise?? Hppd24years!!

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Long overdue.

This board, group, community has no plan, strategy or end game at all. Just a bunch of poor bastards wallowing in their miserable plight.

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