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dpdr and hppd-Therapy?


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can therapy help me with my conditions u guys no what its like and I'm shure u like me want to feel normal more than anything or for those of u have beat it congrats i hope i get there and at times i believe i will depending on the day. 

I'm just wondering if talking to a therapist WITHOUT TAKING ANY PILLS OR PRESCRIPTIONS can help me or if they will talk to me about it without prescribing me? also I'm not shure if theres a certain type of therapist or phcsycoligist or whatever it may be, like i don't anything about this shit or where to start

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All the doctors and therapists I've spoken too don't no a thing about hppd and they have to google it and it hurts when they don't believe me and think I'm making it up or that I need mental help , it does help to have councelling and cbt therapy as they don't judge they try to help us manage our conditions and I no deep down mine will never go as it's getting worse there's new symptoms every month and a few courses of antibiotics have pushed me back too two years ago when it started , how are you coping now and how long have you had hppd Kyle ?

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