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Migraine Aura and Hppd-similiarities


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Hey! New to the discussion board, but I've been lurking in the shadows for quite some time now ;)

I so graciously acquired the 'gift' of hppd around 3 months ago. It's been quite the hassle to say the least. I was wondering, what's the difference between migrane aura and hppd? I mean besides the whole prior hallucinogen use thing. I mean there are visual distortions implicated right? Just a thought.

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By migraine aura do you mean persisting migraine aura without infarction (also known simply as VS)?  Classic migraine aura is different because it's episodic, accompanied by a migraine headache and usually only lasts a couple hours.  VS is persistent and much more similar to HPPD.  


I can't really answer this question with much authority, but seeing as nobody else has responded to your question I'll give it a go.  


I'm pretty sure there are symptoms specific to HPPD that do not typically occur for people with VS.  My understanding is that classic VS symptoms include static, floaters and trails/after images and possibly tinnitus(?).  HPPD can, of course, include these things as well; however, an HPPD sufferer can also experience things like shifting textures/colors, geometric closed-eye visuals (phosphenes) among other things.


 I also speculate from the limited posts I've read on the VS forum (thosewithvisualsnow) that people who have these non-drug-induced symptoms sometimes have it in a degenerative fashion.  Meaning it can worst and worst the older the person gets.  I don't think that's typical with HPPD unless symptoms have been exacerbated by continued drug use.  It seems most people on this board have had it about the same for years with ups and downs and some people have gotten better over time.  There are some people on the VS forum who claim to be basically blind.  To the point that they literally can't see their own hand in front of their face.  I haven't heard of it getting THAT bad with HPPD.  


Hope that helps.

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Well at this point the VS, trails, And floaters are basically the only symptoms I have. I got my hppd from synthetic marijuana, but I'm sure the constant indulgence in research chemicals didn't help. Mine does not seem to be degenerative, as it has been slowly getting better...or so I think. When I first got it, it was accompanied by a constant pounding migrane, which has subsided now, which has led me to believe the MA without infarction and hppd may have something to do with a change in the em field of the brain. Haha or maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about. Thank you Blunderbuss, your post has been totally helpful :)

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