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Driving License

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Congratulations! You're inspiring me to do the best that I can to get mine soon - I should've had it a couple years ago, lol, but as I was preparing to get it my HPPD got bad, then some family problems, one thing leads to the next and here I am at 19 without my license. After seeing this, as long as I can adequately control my panic attacks, I'm going to try and get mine in the next couple of weeks. Once again, congrats! 

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Thanks man, happy to inspire in any way. Yeah, something along those lines happened to me as well, so I procrastinated the whole thing for way too long (I´m 20 years old haha..). Go for it dude! I find it relaxing after a while, just driving and listening to some music while focusing on nothing but the road keeps me a bit grounded. Floaters annoy the hell out of me during the day tho, but driving at night is fine. Good luck!

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