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I'm posting this because I think it may add to what we know about what triggers HPPD and what to avoid. 


I strongly believe that I was primed for HPPD by anxiety and cumulative trauma. I started looking for help with this and came across binaural beats on youtube, specifically this one for PTSD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JchKezfJcCw, I listened to it back in November last year and it triggered a full blown second trip: (scary hallucinations etc.) Since then, all my symptoms have been worse. I now have new ones too: severe trails, which I never really noticed before. Visual snow is much thicker and there's occasional tinnitus. I've begun to notice DP, too, but that's probably related.


I've read that many of us have found Neurofeedback helpful and I'd like to try it, but this experience has really put me off. 


What I really need to know is precisely which wavelengths I listened to. I've contacted the organisation that posted this on youtube, the MP3 Meditation Club, but they tell me that most of the videos which link to their website are published via their affiliates and they don't have any control on them. I've asked for contact to their affiliates, explained why I need this info: research purposes only, no liability etc. but they don't reply.


I've had advice from another source to try this software http://uazu.net/bavsa/  to identify binaural beats wavelengths. If it was Isochronic tones instead, apparently I'll need some sort of sound editing software, and count how many beats there are per second to get the frequency. 


This is way to complicated for me. If anyone out there can help, I know some of you are real technical wiz, then PLEASE do. If sound waves can trigger HPPD, then maybe they can relieve it?

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Thanks, StateOfRegret.

Do you have any more info on this software?

If baseline symptoms can be permanently worsened by sounds, this points to a link with temporal lobe/seizures, doesn't it, for many of us?

Is there anyone here with sound tech know-how who could possibly help with this: it's completely beyond me!

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Ok. I finally got this analysed . I was quoted approx. 350 EUR by several sound studios, but negotiated it down to 130EUR. This still seems outrageous for a 5-second sample, but it was worth it to me.


What I listened to were Delta wavelengths. You were right, brake. From what I understand, from info just grabbed at random from the internet, these are very difficult to achieve in a waking state.


This doesn't make it easier to accept that some a…hole, without warning, posted this on Youtube,''for  PTSD. Enjoy the beats'' causing me 9 months of hell and having to give up school. But it does explain what f…d me over, in a scientific way. I am hoping that as my symptoms weren't worsened directly by a chemical, that somehow I'll be able to improve them with meditation or possibly 'Lifeflow', which seems a gentler (and cheaper) alternative to Holosync. You don't have to use headphones either . I still feel very anxious about using any form of brainwave entrainment, though.


''The exact values between Left & Right channels are as follows:
LEFT-262.535679956654 Hz (mean pitch in SELECTION)
RIGHT-262.13307192206594 Hz (mean pitch in SELECTION)
This translates to 0.4Hz (the above values are extremely accurate) which brings the brainwave to “DELTA” state which is defined from 0.5Hz-4Hz.'


Delta waves are: ''associated with deep dreamless sleep. Consistently observed in deep sleep. The deeper the sleep, the higher is the amount of delta waves.

Important points about Delta Waves :

(1) Meditative states associated with the increased presence of delta waves seem to occur mostly in very experienced practitioners, possibly because entering a delta state and maintaining consciousness at the same time is tremendously difficult.

(2) Also related wit the state of Samadhi, the deepest state in meditation as appeared in ancient Indian Yoga text.''



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