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Stress equals a certain percentage of hppd horror

Dylan L

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If you asked me a few months ago if i was cured of HPPD, I would have said "yes!".  Evidently, this is not the case as of right now.  I have went through unhumanly (im aware it is not a word) level of stress throughout the last year which was 100% job related.  My girlfriend left me ontop of it (because of my job) so stress was at a maximum.   Before all this horrible stress, i was happy, living out my life and just enjoying everything.  Then the certain situation happened and my life turned upside-down.  I became so heart broken that i just gave up....  it was not soon after that my visual snow came back..  I have no clue why I wish to post this.   I don't feel lie i am in need of urgent help but yet i respect most of you on this site, your opinions are also some of the only who recognize/have this disability.

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