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Interesting accounts of HPPD

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I thought it would be interesting to collect all interesting HPPD stories from outside of HPPDOnline, as I'd like to read more.
There are a few on Erowid which are more or less HPPD-related:
No Life Without It
A Life Cycle


There is Jacob Scheier's book My Never-Ending Acid Trip.
There's the New Yorker Article
Please feel free to add more! :)

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A great initiative I must say :)


Too bad the author of "A life cycle" didn´t mention anything about his HPPD after the paradigm shift, but I suppose in his case it didn´t really matter as he seemed to be content with life.


Here´s one of my favorites:




Edit: I´d like to add this one as well as I believe this guy was afflicted with HPPD as he mentions "visual distortions, ghosting, trailing, floaters and frame by frame/non liquid sensation of his surroundings (perhaps the slow frame rate vision I´ve seen mentioned a few times on this board). I do no think these are classic DPD symptoms (feel free to disagree/correct me if I´m wrong).  He specifically cites SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome as the cause and I´ve read reports of people experiencing visual symptoms similar to HPPD as a result, but more interestingly I found that in an earlier post he claimed that Ayahuasca was in fact the substance that initially led to his DP/DR. I may be jumping to conclusions, but think it´s worth mentioning nonetheless.



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