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Jacob Scheier - Book on HPPD

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Just thought this might be of interest to some of you guys. Media attention to this disorder is rather limited, even though I am aware of the fact that it´s seemingly rare. Perhaps HBO´s show True Detective will spark some interest in drug induced visual disorders (Think I saw a thread about it here) but that´s probably wishful thinking :)








Haven´t had the chance to read the book myself as of yet, just happened to stumble across it while searching for an old case study involving remission of hppd symptoms after treatment with sertaline(zoloft).




Apologies for any grammatical errors on my behalf, English is not my first language.


I wish everyone the best! (and I´m painfully aware of the horrible misspelling of my username. Note to self: Don´t try to be fancy because the cognitive impairments from HPPD will bite your ass :) )


Edit: I´ve read the book now and would certainly recommend it. While the story itself is rather personal and the theorized mechanisms , or lack thereof, that causes HPPD isn´t exactly groundbreaking (not that I expected them to be) I do believe that we all can relate to at least some parts of his experience as we all share this burden.


It´s always nice to know you´re not alone and I would like to use this opportunity to thank this community (which he actually refers to in the book) for being here and truly believe I speak for most of us "lurkers" when I say that just reading and browsing this site has been an invaluable source of knowledge and comfort through dark and confusing times.  Good luck to you all.

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Yes, I agree that the book in some ways resembled more of an extremely lengthy introduction post on this forum and it´s unfortunately not likely to spark any major discussion regarding the disorder or faults within the medical health care system. But still an interesting read for most HPPD sufferers IMO. perhaps it could be beneficiary when trying to explain the situation to family or friends.


A documentary or an indie film might garner some more attention. However, the visual aspects of HPPD would probably be a bit expensive to accurately depict in the latter :)

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I found it fascinating and ironic that Jacob got the full blown symptoms from his conventional scripts that his doctor gave him.. He never received hppd from the lsd until taking pharmas that was a mixed concoction that catapulted him into the severe symptoms of hppd. Crazy shit, this is what scares the duck out of me to pharmas to be honest.. I have full blown hppd with escalation and acute tinnitus.. Its horrifically horrible to say the least. Crap I was getting suicidal thoughts because I thought I was the only cool guy in the world that had it.. We should set up a expo or something to meet up at from all over the world.. That would be a interesting arrangement.. Don't u think??

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