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Newcomers question about colours!

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Hey there!


Im a 25 year old male that have been suffering from mild hppd for about 5-6 months now, and my symptoms keep getting both better and worse but also changing characteristicts. I suffer primarily from starbursting of friggin anoying proportions i also have tracers wich tend to be most visiable against certain contrasts such as black color moving accros white surfaces and so on. i also have some weird tinnitus episodes but they have diminished these last few months.

If its of any concern.. i obtained this curse from some poision-drug called DOC witch had me tripping for 60+ hours. And probobly from some other stupid hallucinogen i was experimenting with.(edit some more symptoms: i sometimes see weird floaters and text on computer screens sometimes moves like its floating on water)


Anyways heres my question :). (This is hard to explain)


Does anyone else with starbursting?, experience difference in the colours of the lights? For me when i stop at a trafik light. It goes from red-orange-green.

Looking at the red light, it kind of doubles allitle and gives quite a burst, spreading out from the 2 seperate round lights intertwineing each other.

When it shifts to orange the starburst is "Normal" and just gives its bright round lazers of light.

Heres the interesting part. When it switches to green.. the light not only doubles but breaks into 5 or 6 seperate lightsourcers that intertwine each other but each gives its own starburst.. resulting in a flare of lights.. If you can imagine the green light for pedestrians "a walking green man".. For me this lttle green man splits up in 5 or 6/doubles resulting in something that looks like a christmas tree, Unless im realy close to it and i dont see "double or quadruple".

Blue lights from police cars also behave like green. split up and burst on its own.


Basicly red green and blue suck :(. Havent been able to get ahold of klonopin to see if it alevates it yet but im on the lookout..


Be safe and thanks for all the stories i have been reading here..

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So if I got this right, you´re getting starbursts from the starbursting you have from light sources (don´t know how to put this in any other way lol)? If you only experience this while inside your car it could be related to your windows. I find that when taking e.g the bus ( buses often have thicker or double windows for protection purposes I presume) my ghosting is exacerbated and will often cause triple or quadruple copies of street lights, while in my car I have two and when walking only one.


Color confusion is not something I´ve experienced but it´s a recognized symptom of HPPD so there´s certainly someone here who could tell you more about this than me.

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