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My experience with JDtic


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Yesterday I tried only 50mcg of JDtic...

Luckily I took a small dose because the effects were horrible! I felt a weird feeling, a little dysphoria and I was rlly spaced out for like 12 hours...I felt a weird electrical sensation running thru my nervous system a couple of times and I felt like pressure or a weird feeling in my brain as it was working...I took the dose at 2.30pm and I went for a walk around 5pm I was sweating a bit and my mouth kept getting rlly dehydrated and dry. Later on during the evening I experienced weird pains and sensations around my chest area..

I won't be taking that drug ever again! Luckily the worst of it ended at 12am at night and I also was thinking about going to hospital just until the morning.

If anyone is going to try this drug with already messed up and sensitive brain chemistry only try a TINY BIT to see how u will react. But I honestly can't recommend jdtic and that's from my experience

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Sorry to hear of your negative experience Missjess. Perhaps this was an individual sensitivity? Not to discredit your experience, but I'm hoping this is an anomaly amongst effects; everything indicates that it should do quite the opposite of what you experienced. That said, there are a myriad of reports of substances inducing opposite effects (e.g. Clonazepam improving cognition and motivation), so it's not impossible for this to happen.
Despite that, I'll still be trying it. Although I do recommend, that indeed; anyone who's considering to try JDTic, would be best off heeding your warning and trying it in small (incremental) microgram doses first; this can be done by simply diluting it with water and a bit of math.

Thank you Missjess for joining team Guinea Pig in our efforts to ameliorate drug induced disorders; it doesn't always play out positively apparently alas. I'm glad you're still ok and that it was only temporary.
Hope you are doing well,


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