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HPPD/Visual Snow and Tinnitus the same phenomena but for different senses?


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I know there is no definite answer here but I would like to know what you think/know about this subject.

One thing that makes me seriously depressed is that there is so little research being done on HPPD because it's such a rare condition, making the whole medical community oblivious to how to deal with this condition, basically leaving every HPPD sufferer having to develop it's own theories regarding to what HPPD is.

Fortunately I myself believe that the condition known as "Visual Snow" is 100% identical to HPPD, just that they are split up because of different background histories where HPPD is seen as a "Drug-related condition" whereas Visual Snow is not, while they could very much be exactly the same thing in the brain.
Meaning that any cure towards VIsual Snow is a cure towards HPPD.
BUT unfortunately Visual Snow is also a largely unexplored condition with limited research being done upon it.

Now there is however another condition which I think could be related to HPPD/Visual Snow, Tinnitus.
From what I can "Feel" from having HPPD it feels like the visual "system" in the brain is running hyper, trying to find visual stimuli where there is not, essentially causing hallucinations and visual distortions, I also suffer from chronic tinnitus and it feels like exactly the same thing but with hearing, the auditory "system" being hyperactive. Like a speaker turned up too high, making you hear static, "White noise".

And luckily there is TONS of research being done upon Tinnitus, since it's a lot more common and many workers, musicians and soldiers have this condition from loud noises in their working environment.
So the day the cure for tinnitus arrives, so does the cure for HPPD/Visual Snow.

What do you guys think? Am I right? Or are these things 2 separate things entirely?

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Well I think u are on the right track there is visual feedback loop that needs to be fixed from our optic nerve to the brain which is a little bit different from the audio feedback loop with the ears but if they fixed one there shouldn't be a problem with the other.

I have both distortions in the eyes and ears from hppd which obviously sucks.. I really hope something happens soon before I change my name to h.p.p.d.25 that would be nice.. I'm actually into my 25th anniversary married to h.p.p.d. Thank you Jesus.. Praise the good lord.. Hallelujah and amen.. Thanks man..

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