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Can Someone Help Me Real Quick

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Hey everyone, hope you're all doing okay! Personally, I'm doing absolutely terrible. I have some things up my sleeve and am hoping I can *last until I get my monthly paycheck and then get some neurofeedback gear or pay for some NFB sessions from a local practitioner. I'm also going to be getting tons of infrared heat lamps and just bathing in them all day everyday.


I apologize in advance if this is somehow against the forum rules, and if so, please delete the thread. But I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of some etizolam, namely from a reliable source. I want to purchase some tonight and receive it ASAP as I await on more heat lamps, PQQ, and some other things. I'm really not sure what to do at this point and need something to at least manage my symptoms until I can get a hold of something that truly helps, whether that's NFB gear, PEMF, medications, peptides, or whatever.


Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any help I may receive.


*what I mean by "hoping I can last" is the past few days I have literally felt more or less crazy. It seems as though my HPPD comes in waves and there are days I feel 'better' (I still feel terrible, but I can at least get out of bed and converse with my family, do my work from home (blogging/research/homework), etc.) but most days are absolutely terrible. The past two months have been exceptionally rough, as well as the past few days in particular. Last night I couldn't even sleep - I was having night terrors or something. I would start to fall asleep, then my body would get all 'weightless' and I felt similar to how I would when I would practice lucid dreaming/astral projection and just felt as though I was going to have an out of body experience. The only reason I ended up sleeping is because I had an old xanax from a friend and took like a quarter of it (probably around 0.25mg) with >200mg L-theanine and 3g of niacinamide and then used CES @ 100Hz for about 30 mins. I'm actually contemplating going to the ER tonight, though expressing that I'm not depressed/suicidal or violent or anything, just suffering from really odd symptoms that then induce panic and fear and disrupt my sleep leading to a nasty feedback loop, and hoping to receive some meds and to be pointed in the direction of a psychiatrist. I'm just wary of this as I don't want to be put into inpatient temporarily or anything.

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I can't help you with etizolam, but I had frequent problems as you had when it was the moment to sleep.


I was on my bed and felt like I was floating, sometimes I had the feeling that I was going at 150km/h spinning around, other times were panic attacks... That sucked.


I began to take two MagneB6 pills before to sleep and I never had these problems again...


Now I experiment sleep paralysis (who are really scary, seriously I reconsidered my opinion on the succubs etc...) and out of body experiences when I drink alcohol, which is what I do since 2 days. After tonight I will stop for some months.


Hope you'll find what you need, and try magnesium...

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Thanks for the info!


Yeah, I've frequently had weird symptoms around the time of sleep such as sleep paralysis/hypnagogic hallucinations (to a degree). The other night I spoke of I was sleeping on a recliner and I felt as though the recliner was moving/lifting up and changing position. It was extremely odd.


The only magnesium I have experience with is glycinate and epsom salts. When I get my next check I'm going to purchase "Unique Water" and then get the ingredients to make it myself. It's magnesium bicarbonate. If you search around you'll find the patents that have the studies contained within that show it has radically reduced/reversed AI disorders in humans and increased lifespan in animals. I know one person who claimed it has been the only thing other than high dose niacinamide which puts them to sleep throughout the entire night waking up refreshed and ready to get on with the day. That's the other thing - I'd recommend niacinamide if you haven't used it before. High doses are like a benzo and it has other unique properties such as enhancing serotonin uptake, increasing glucose oxidation, etc. Supposedly it enhances other benzos, too, which I can definitely see occurring.


Thanks again!


I hope someone can chime in about Etizolam, though, because I firmly believe niacinamide+etizolam would completely rid me of anxiety, panic, fear, intrusive thoughts, etc. and then I can work on the rest (DP/DR, visual snow, etc.) via diet and environment - working on increasing light exposure and creating an 'enriched environment'.

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Would love to help, but we really need a "ruling" as to whether this is against the board rules. I'm guessing the admins do not want this to turn into a "vendor board".


Personally I find etizolam very helpful. The most clearheaded benzo workalike I've tried. As for niacinamide; there is some evidence that it may be neurotoxic at anxiolytic doses - I have lots of the stuff lying around, but I refrain from using it. Have a look here.

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