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True Detective

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Anyone catch this show yet? matthew mcconaughey plays a former narcotics officer turned criminal investigation detective, investigating a series of murders with occult ties.. His character spent 4 years in deep cover and now suffers serious hppd as part of it. I think this show does a pretty admirable job of showing how withdrawn he is and how shit in his vision just goes wacky.. Just 3 episodes in and its a pretty engrossing show.

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its not mentioned as hppd directly because the earlier parts happen i imagine pre hppd being a diagnosis.. show takes place over course of 17 years. but he refers to it as visual disorder, flashbacks, ptsd, visions, whatever you want to call it. he knows it's not real but at same time it takes him out of reality. and he has a distinct detachment from reality that they're making a central theme. second episode is called "seeing things" .. fitting enough



just to note though.. it gets purty dark.. though woody harrelson brings in some comedy

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I`ll definitely check it out. Check out the show called Perception if you are into that kind of stuff. They don`t mention HPPD but basically every other disorder gets referenced or used as a theme for an episode. The main character is a schizophrenic professor with a PhD in neurology. He and this fbi agent solve crimes.

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depends on your outlook.. i can empathize with the character because i manage to use effects of my hppd in my job to extend my coding capabilities. I dont think it would be as possible to be as extreme a visual thinker as I am without having done some psychedelic substance.. goes for all the ones through history who tried something natural but mind altering and changes arts or sciences.. 


but the negatives tend to outweigh those positives without some form of support system propping the positives up and dealing with the negatives... so that's why it's only "there were other times.." 

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